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Practicing Your Conscience vs. Practicing: The Doctor’s Dilemma

If you buy affordable nonfiction books written by doctors, it seems the healthcare system might not care as much about health as we’ve been led to believe.

It’s not news that policy isn’t always designed with morality in mind. particularly if you purchase Civil War-related books online. In a capitalist America, a successful enterprise or industry has a generous say in the stipulations that apply to them. Big pharma, in particular, likes to buy healthcare reform because, as time has shown, there’s no better selling strategy than government mandates.

Doctors are lifesavers; there’s no disputing that. However, with for-profit regulations that decree the prioritization of earnings over everything, how can a doctor put the patient first?

More and more physicians have spoken out about the aggrandized healthcare system turning into an obstacle to high-quality healthcare. Leading the charge with twenty-five years of experience as a doctor is Andy Lazris, renowned for his 3D fictional book, The Geriatric Vengeance Club. Read The Seattle Book Review’s raving review of the book here.

Sadly, not all doctors have been able to make it past the monetary incentives placed along their paths and have veered into the territory of the unconscionable. If you think that’s an exaggeration, then take a look at these very real occurrences that seem to denounce everything the healthcare system says it stands for:

Remove the Oath

The Hippocratic Oath is a Greek text that’s stood the test of time and changing standards because of its comprehensive encapsulation of everything a good doctor should do. In summation, it posits that doctors should practice compassion, remember that their patients are people with unique needs, and always seek help if it’s in the patient’s best interest.

There’s also an indisputable clause about recognizing one’s limits and not playing God. Every doctor in America has taken this oath with great ceremony, only to be shunted into a system that doesn’t recognize compassion.

By oath, a physician has to know when to stop treatment based on patient desires, but in the practice of generating income, that’s not made possible. Today, a doctor could serve a patient’s needs and practice high-quality end-of-life care, only to be hit with a medical malpractice suit.

This is the story of medical overtreatment, a term used to describe care that extends beyond what is necessary and crosses the line into excessive and harmful behavior. The primary cause is that doctors should be stripped of their license to practice medicine because, legally, the oath isn’t a deciding factor. If you shop for healthcare system-related books, you’ll find instances of it sprinkled throughout history.

The Pandemic Starter Pack, According To The CDC

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and many other authorities put out recommendations amidst the pandemic for people to avoid COVID-19. These are the following:

  • Buy a mask.
  • Buy hand sanitizer.
  • Buy gloves
  • Buy a food-safe disinfectant spray.
  • Buy disinfectant spray.
  • Buy copious amounts of hand soap.
  • Buy a face shield.
  • For governments, buy a vaccine, a second dose, and some boosters, and get them from every brand.
  • Buy groceries online.
  • Purchase home inspections
  • Don’t leave the house.
  • Book a hotel if you have symptoms.

You don’t have to be a doctor to see the problem, aside from the fact that this reads like big pharma’s letter to Santa. Health-related books will tell you that if you plan to live through the pandemic, shutting down all exposure to infections and diseases isn’t the best way to do it. It’s also not good for your health in general, which is why rates of mental health conditions skyrocketed, as did the sales of antidepressants.

Fear of the economy going off its medication

So why is there such little attention to mental health in the industry anyway? That’s because long ago, the biomedical model was adopted, and so doctors are still governed by an approach that states that we treat physical symptoms only. It is, after all, far more profitable than having doctors sit down with patients and waste billable hours in a bedside manner.

Additionally, the corporations that generate revenue off of these stipulations are large contributors to the American economy. The government can’t afford to upset pharmaceuticals or any of the healthcare system’s commercial endeavors because the GDP may never recover. Plus, political candidates might never find donors as generous.

Does Medicare give a damn?

Medicare is health insurance for people over the age of sixty-five, which isn’t technically mandatory but is tough to opt-out of; shockingly, beneficiaries are still in medical debt because it doesn’t cover much. Medicare doesn’t cover long-term care, an expense that the average American would truly struggle with after retirement.

If you order nonfiction books to read about the history of health insurance in America, they read like fictional satire. Public healthcare has been in the works for over a hundred years, and every time it comes close to finalization, a mysterious obstacle arises to quash it.

However, during the Cold War and at the start of the Vietnam War, the Land of the Free introduced coverage for family members of people who enlisted. So no, Medicare doesn’t care.

Patient-Centered Care and Other Myths from Medical Fiction

Words like compassion are buzzwords for marketing teams but have been written out of policy and law. A doctor isn’t supported if they attempt to practice humanism and treat the patient, not the symptoms. Today, if you want a world that includes this, you’ll have to purchase fiction books online.

If you’re looking to buy COVID-19 books online, The Great Stupidity by Andy Lazris and its Soratrackis doctor’s fiction and nonfiction books have drawn a lot of attention to issues that the media has been well-compensated to ignore.

For Civil War-related books online, buy Three Brothers from Virginia, and to buy a Jewish history book, check out The Adventures of Yadel the Dreidel. This bookstore online never fails to exceed expectations.

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A renowned educational psychologist for over two decades. During her career, she’s worked with numerous educational institutions to help understand their children's learning capabilities.

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