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Outsourcing OB GYN Billing And Coding Services

We are aware of the issues OB-GYN physicians face, which include the rapid change in policy requirements.

Obstetrics and Gynecology is one of the subspecialties within medicine that concentrates on the treatment of women when they are pregnant and giving birth, and also the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of female reproductive organs. In addition, it is focused on other aspects of female wellness, including menopausal imbalances and contraception (birth control), and infertility.

An OB/GYN clinic offers a range of procedures that include surgeries, pre-and postnatal care, as well as regular health check-ups for women.

Expertise in OB-GYN Billing & Coding Medical Billing Wholesalers

Our client base covers all 50 states and encompasses an array of doctors’ offices, hospitals (including the OB/GYN centers), and medical billing companies. We have a team of doctors and OB/GYN billing specialists and coders who draw upon their experience and expertise gained through working with gynecologists, obstetricians, and g to increase revenues and accelerate growth. Medicare MSO coders are accredited with the American Academy of Professional Coders in ICD-9/10, CPT, and HCPCS codes provided by CMS as well as AMA (AAPC). Our expertise in billing and coding in OB/GYN encompasses these specialties

  • Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • The Endocrinology and Reproductive System as well as Infertility
  • Uro-gynecology as well as Pelvic Reconstructive Gynecological Uro-gynecology Surgery as well Pelvic Reconstructive Surgery
  • Laparoscopic Advanced Surgery
  • The Family Planning Process
  • Gynecology for Children and Adolescents
  • Gynecology and Menopause and Geriatrics

Conforming to the Industry standards for billing OB-GYN and Coding services

We are aware of the issues OB/GYN physicians face, which include the rapid change in policy requirements, ICD revisions, and the delicate nature of your field. Certified coders from our team are adept at choosing appropriate codes based on the operative reports of real surgical patients. We are there all hours of the day to assist you in avoiding complications caused by improper modifiers and to train your billing professionals in-house on how to stay clear of these errors.

OB-GYN Billing and Coding Services

Our highly trained billing and coding team help reduce claim denials and improve payments. This is achieved through the use of efficiency. streamlined processes that cut down on the time required to bill accurately to Ob/Gyn services.

Our approach is based on strict adherence to code guidelines and best practices and making use of the latest technology. Our team is dedicated to offering data-driven solutions which aid in the elimination of denials as well as the increase of revenue.

Benefits of using our Facilities

OB-GYN practitioners see a lot of patients. Some are seen only once in a while or for annual examinations, while others are regularly for postpartum care and prenatal treatment. This demands medical coders as well as billers to be vigilant in taking care of multiple claims and be aware of all the elements of the bundled claims to avoid under or over the coding process, which not just causes the practice to charge too much or under and is an offense to the law and could cause a lot of harm to an office.

Coverage is Extremely Different

Obstetrics and gynecology comprise two of the commonly excluded or limited areas of medicine covered by insurance. Many regulations specify what is covered and what isn’t. This should be clarified before when the patient makes their appointment. It is important to schedule an appointment to avoid extra costs from being imposed on the patient afterward.

Many Facilities

A physician may see the same patient at the clinic as well as in the hospital, which requires careful coded for each. The biller must be aware of the procedures that are billable under certain situations and make sure that all documentation is done correctly.

Claims at the World scale

Certain insurers and payers combine services provided during childbirth and pregnancy in a single claim which means the doctor must offer nine months of care before receiving payment, and every claim has a substantial value, so it is crucial to ensure that claims are not denied or rejected.

What is the Reason we are here?

Our obstetrics and gynecology billing experts and coders will begin an investigation into claims of patients who have been in the process for longer than 18 days. They will also improve your current cycle between 21 and 25 days, based on the kind of insurance that is accepted by your clinics. They will do this using their extensive experience in the following areas:

  • Correctly coding using platforms like the ICD 10 and CPT platforms
  • Printing and disseminating paper, as well as electronic bills
  • In pursuit of outstanding and unpaid claims
  • The pre-authorization process for approaching operations is under consideration.

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