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EHR Software: Bridging the Gap between Doctors and Patients

When we think about medical and technology, the summed up thought that comes to our mind is that of better ways of treatments. It is fascinating how the advancements in the technology sector have allowed the medical industry create new and improved ways of procedural treatments that were difficult to do so before. Progress in technology has battled aspects like weight and complexity. A simple example is of X-ray machines, which were very heavy and complex to conduct before, but thanks to our scientist friends, we have a smaller, more efficient, and portable X-ray machine available at our service.

However, technology does not stop there. Apart from procedural and treatment related technologies, healthcare management software have become extremely popular with time, and they actually contribute with many benefits as well. The key purpose of a software is to provide people with accessibility towards an integrated system that carries out specific tasks for them. It saves money, time, as well as increases the accuracy rates that are negatively affected due to human errors. Software such as medical billing, and EHR systems are on a rise. Some great examples are MediTouch and MediSoft V21.

What exactly is EHR?

It stand for an Electronic Health System, also known as a Electronic Medical Record which allows you to keep a digital version of the patient’s records that are or have been a part of your healthcare establishment. This system is nothing new if we consider its origins, however, only recently has it become widely adopted in hospitals and clinics around the globe, mainly due to government incentives towards the funding of this kind of software.

What are the benefits of these EHR systems?


It provides an opportunity for doctors to keep their tasks automated, leaving out more time for their patients. This helps them achieve a more efficient and higher quality of patient care as well as boost the revenue of their healthcare establishment.


This kind of software becomes an ideal one when there are situations that require simultaneous tasking such as those that include many practice management and medical billing functions at the same time. EHR software helps run these tasks as smoothly and accurately as possible, without wasting extra time.


This software hold universal records, which decrease the chances of physicians providing the patients with duplicate tests, increasing delays in their treatments. Additional benefits are the automated warnings, reminders, and alarms that help eradicate duplications as well as medication errors.


Other than accuracy, it provides excellent reporting, which boosts up the entire process. Many EHR systems have inbuilt patient portals that provide access (with privacy of course) that members of the family need along with you and the patient himself. This decreases the communication gap and keeps everyone on the same page.


Medical records are easy to read and adhere to because there is no need to decipher the physicians writing – which is always a challenge to read.

Patient satisfaction

Patient portals help the patients in having access to secure and private records, which gives them an opportunity to be more adherent towards their own care. Doctors highlight that it is very difficult to make patients adhere to their medical regimen. It is very easy as well, as the patient can go through a very simple process in order to request refills for their medication without the hassle. Not only does this cut down the hassle, but it also saves time and cost of physically taking appointments with the physician for just a mere need of medication of refills.

Other than all of this, if the software is cloud based, then it can easily allow safe transferring of files to different healthcare institutions for referencing or diagnostic purposes. Clouds over a safe and secure environment in which all data can be stored and be accessible through many devices anywhere, anytime. Even if we speak of medical billing software, the whole purpose of using them easily on your phone or tablet helps you to have everything on your fingertips. You can easily access old transactions, cross-reference, and overall, keep everything under and organized check.

Why is all this possible? Are you interested in developing your own healthcare management software? It has become simpler than ever to be able to develop your very own app through the range of online learning platforms available these days. Popular examples include, Code Academy, Udemy, Zeolearn, and Code School.

In conclusion, the influence if technology in the medical sector has really bridged the gap between patients and doctors only to take a further step towards healthcare advancements.

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