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Why You Should Outsource Your Compensation Administration

When talking about outsourcing, compensation-related tasks aren’t usually on top of a business owner’s mind. After all, there are many other tasks of vital importance to a business that can be easily outsourced first, such as marketing or customer support. Besides, some business owners may be even wary of removing these tasks from an in-house team, as they fear their data may get stolen or lost. While this fear is warranted, it can be also argued that data can be also stolen or lost even if they are handled in-house, as will be explained later in this article.

That said, there is actually a host of benefits to outsourcing compensation administration.

Here are some of them:

More cost-efficient

Admittedly, this is often the first reason to outsource business-related tasks. If your company is just starting out, it’s easier on the pocket to simply outsource tasks related to compensation. After all, capital is limited; you would be better off hiring an employee that can contribute a lot to your core business rather than an individual whose task is to simply process payroll.

On top of that, outsourcing companies that handle compensation also cover a wide range of tasks. These range from simply calculating the payments needed and generating statements to creating models of compensation processes. With a wide range of services, these companies offer a better value for money than retaining an in-house team.

Varied knowledge

Since most outsourcing companies handle different clients, they may get exposed to different methods and best practices for completing various tasks. With more experience, these companies can find better solutions to the challenges that can pop up in relation to compensation management.

Scale up operations easier

When you grow your workforce, you will also eventually need to hire additional personnel for your compensation and benefits team. Of course, searching for qualified workers won’t be easy; it’ll take at least a few weeks. Then once you hire someone, you’ll also have to provide the person a place to sit and a computer to use for work.

Yes, scaling up is challenging and can be a big investment. But not so if you plan on outsourcing compensation administration. If you outsource these functions, all you need to do is to let the company know about your increased requirements. Granted, they may ask for a little time to scale up operations or request an additional budget. But they will at least spare you from the trouble of actually finding a person to hire.

Secure compensation tasks from unscrupulous employees

Let’s admit it. Every once in a while, there will be a bad apple in the office—an employee you’ll regret hiring. That employee may attempt to get through the in-house compensation team to get sensitive information or to embezzle some money for their own use. They may also try to tamper important files.

That’s where outsourcing helps. By keeping everything compensation-related outside your office, you add a layer of protection to these important tasks—something that money can’t easily buy.

As these four benefits show, outsourcing compensation administration tasks is an option that organizations should look into. It may just be the missing ingredient to make a business flourish.

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