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Benefits of IT Outsourcing to a Dedicated Development Team

IT outsourcing is an already widespread way organizations can hire professionals or companies specialized in software development and maintenance of their information systems, usually through specialist professionals.

It is used to increase efficiency or reduce resources spent on infrastructure and operations to focus on strategic business initiatives. The main objective of outsourcing these services is to obtain results at a lower cost without having to maintain their own IT team within the company. IT outsourcing to a dedicated software development team is another option that can grant you the best results.

Considering the intense competition in all sectors, it is crucial that your company can offer its products, services, and solutions in a complete and robust way, but with efficiency in investments, correct? In this case, outsourcing can be an excellent way for your company to achieve this goal and the expected results.

Advantages of IT Outsourcing to a Dedicated Development Team

Discover below all the advantages of this type of IT outsourcing:

1. Reduces labor costs

Training and maintaining an in-house IT department is expensive, not to mention the risks and costs of outdated labor laws. With the hiring of in-house professionals, these risks grow substantially.

On the other hand, a company dedicated to providing IT outsourcing services brings in highly qualified workers for a reduced cost and almost zero risk.

2. It has greater flexibility

Outsourcing helps you manage and better distribute IT tasks and their peak workloads quickly and efficiently. You don’t have to spend time and capital on hiring and firing an internal employee again.

This is particularly useful when a company needs a certain skill for a short period or needs to grow a team of professionals.

3. Empowers other departments

Your team’s efficiency can be improved by outsourcing tasks — especially for companies that don’t have a wide range of technology resources or need to maximize those resources.

Rather than overloading your team, it is more beneficial to delegate these tasks (or parts of them) to outsourced specialists. So your in-house team can focus on what matters most: customer satisfaction.

4. Speed ​​up the workflow

If the workload is divided into several functional parts, the performance will be better, and you will get results faster and more efficiently.

For example, you delegate the creation of an app to external experts — and this task is performed at the same time as you develop your marketing strategies, for example. In addition, it is possible to maintain an uninterrupted workflow if necessary.

5. Adds knowledge of the innovation industry

No doubt your team knows your business very well, inside and out. However, it is common for this knowledge to prevent using innovative and creative approaches.

If your company’s product or service isn’t entirely based on information technology, for example, there’s a good chance you’re missing the latest industry trends. Therefore, outsourcing to a dedicated development team offers an “out of the box” look at what your company needs in terms of technology and product.

6. Enhanced Security

A serious breach in security puts customers at risk and can destroy a brand’s reputation. When working with a technology-focused company, you can be sure that all security protocols will be adhered to — including the new General Data Protection Law (GDPR).

7. A wide range of solutions and professionals

You don’t need to hire a company for every need. Several services and professionals can be interconnected, such as:

  • software developers (web and applications);
  • designers – product, UI and UX, graphic, etc.;
  • marketing and growth analysts, from the most varied specialties and attributions;
  • product, project, or marketing managers.

Even with the advantages of the traditional market, there are still several negative points that can become disadvantages when outsourcing IT services, such as:

  • generally hires are based on hours of service;
  • getting a professional with the necessary skills can be a challenge;
  • engagement with your team, and results are not guaranteed;
  • the focus will be on delivering code, not delivering value.

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