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My Viral Web: The New Social Network?

Social websites and networks have evolved to offline communities as a young Vancouver tech firm reaches their market in a whole new way. After just launching in January, My Viral Web has been creating a memorable impact on their city and online communities. They are achieving this by helping their community and networks reach out and build relevant and beneficial connections in their area.

My Viral Web noticed a gap between small to medium sized business and successful online marketing strategy. They realized that the gap existed because people are often uninformed, misled, or simply nervous about diving into the realm of online marketing. Because a lot of established businesses still hesitate before they decide to implement social media marketing or email campaigns in their own strategy, the young tech firm then decided to form Vancouver’s Online Marketing Specialists on to properly educate and direct those interested.

By creating offline connections from utilizing the reach of online communities My Viral Web is able to provide educational direction for interested entrepreneurs. While hosting guest speakers who are experts in their own industries they create a diverse and knowledgeable network in their own city. Working with other successful entrepreneurs in the city or with acknowledged professionals they attract groups of 40 or 50 to their events. These guest speakers share their stories of success including the hardships, the lessons they learned and of course, their tips and tricks.

My Viral Web believes that Vancouver is rich with entrepreneurial spirit and they simply want to provide them with the right tools for achieving their goals. The idea has received a very warm welcome from their local community as they plan to continue with the traditional approach of building that genuine word of mouth momentum. Affiliating themselves with those close to them they intend on winning over their city by offering a fun, engaging and educational experience for their audience.

Vancouver’s Online Marketing Specialist’s next Expert Series event will feature the co-founder of Vancity Buzz, Kharm Samul. Vancity Buzz is an inside source of local happenings that was formed in 2008 and has experienced tremendous growth since then. The event is scheduled for March 21st at 6:00pm at My Viral Web’s new office: Penthouse Suite – 1199 West Hastings.

If you’re in the tech industry, keep your eye on Vancouver.

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  1. bonooobong

    February 24, 2013 at 9:50 pm

    Actually this one is the best way! I have always wanted a hybrid social platform which connects the benefits of online social media platforms with the great things of local communities. And they have done it! I wish that it was a viral tendency as well, it can work more efficiently and these communities can be really strong! Really inspirational, thanks for sharing their story!

  2. Michael

    February 25, 2013 at 2:51 pm

    The event sounds totally cool! It’s unfortunate I’m so far away!

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