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Modern Trends & Best Practices in Enterprise App Development

In this fast paced world and ever growing technology, businesses are expanding by leaps and bounds. In order to keep pace with the latest technology, business enterprises are developing multifarious applications to help solve business problems. Such applications prove highly instrumental in helping the organization in proving itself in the competitive environment.


One of the best applications is RMAD (Rapid mobile app development) which is an application used widely by the entrepreneurs. Such kind of application proves quite useful in developing a fully fledged product by using certain favorable software processes. No matter how fast an organization is growing, the development of the application is racing ahead with the passing time.

Cloud Native

One of the new trends in application development is “CLOUD NATIVE” which is an application that encompasses all advantages over monolithic applications. Instead of managing internal services, such a trend can help develop disintegrated services which can be individually supervised and monitored.

Machine Learning Tools

Machine learning tools are ever present online tools which can help to detect several frauds creeping up online. These detection tools can help in infrastructure optimization and detection of face etc.

Software Defined Networking (SDN)

This application is hugely confined to cloud service providers and helps to a great extent in application development of a business enterprise. It helps in network configuration and the capacity to modify existing applications according to the requirement of an enterprise.

SSD’S Used in Data Centers

SSD’S are quite intensive applications which are used at high levels in an enterprise. The 3D-NAND application offers a higher capacity as well as performance as compared to SSDS.

When it comes to adopting best practices and trends regarding application development, different methodology applies to different organizations. This hugely depends upon the kind of problems the business unit encounters. Several tools can be adopted like RMAD or other cloud based ones for mobile applications. Such applications offer many advantages like:-

1. Easy Considerations: Such applications can be easily used for the development of enterprise applications. It ensures that the interest of the members of the business enterprise, as well as stake holders, is easily met.

2. Optimal Utilization: Applications used in the development of business organizations can be optimally utilized. Tools such as Buzz Touch, App maker etc can easily integrate prototypes for mobile applications.

3. Problem Solving Skills: Applications offer value and ensure that any problem faced by the enterprise on any level can be solved in an untroubled manner.

4. Ensures Security: Applications which are developed ensure full security and safety. It enables it in such a way that the highest expectation of the user can be met easily. So greater emphasis is placed on the functionality of the application.

5. Mixed Sourcing: An enterprise is a dynamic entity that rapidly continues to grow. A complete in-house business environment may not be always available for business units. Therefore, some parts can be outsourced for cellular coverage testing while other activities can be carried out itself in the in-house business environment.

All the above-listed applications and their uses have effectively enabled business units to sustain themselves in the competitive business environment.

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My name is Ashfaq and I am a man who is passionate about technology, internet marketing and writer who writes on mobile technology. At present working with AppInventiv Technologies - a leading Mobile App Development Company based in India.

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