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How to Make Your Small Business Look Big

small business

Having our own big business is something we all strive at, but all businesses start from the scratch unless you receive it as an inheritance from a rich relative. Anyway, having a small business does not mean there are not ways and methods to make it look like a big one. One secret is how you build communications for your business and what impression does it make. To make great and modern communications accessible for small and medium businesses that have not yet spread globally with operating history of several generations, you can make use of business VoIP solutions.

VoIP for Small Business

VoIP for small business is primarily understood in the form of such technologies as IP PBX and DID numbers. They may look confusing; however what they do is quite straightforward. To benefit from all IP PBX features, you will need business phone systems. The main idea and advantage of IP PBX and DID numbers is that they save time and money. They make communications cheaper by using web-based technology (VoIP) but also by providing all possibilities the cloud-based systems will give you.

OK, assuming that you already know what is VoIP communications (well, you know and use Skype), let’s see what is IP PBX and DID numbers.

Not going into strictly technical description, let’s just say that IP PBX lets you manage how the VoIP call behaves. It lets you configure your business phone systems in such a way as to provide maximum benefit and accessibility from communications. Here are IP PBX most needed features:

Call Forwarding – lets you forward the call to another recipient with following options: Simple Forwarding to mobile, phone extension, Skype account, etc. Follow-me (choose multiple destinations to forward the call, defining the forwarding mode – As Listed / Simultaneous / Random, and some others.

Answering Mode – this is how your business VoIP phone responds (no answer, busy or switched off phone) The following options are helpful: Ring, forward then voicemail or Ring, then forward or Ring, then voicemail or Forward, then voicemail etc…

Multilingual Voicemail – besides basic voicemail functions, this will let you to have your voicemail sent as audio file attachment to any e-mail address or fax you provide.

Auto Attendant –whether you are in office or out, your auto attendant will greet callers and prompt them to corresponding actions.

Hunt Groups – an IP PBX feature that enables you to ring multiple phone extensions (simultaneously or random) when the incoming call arrives.

Music on Hold – allows you to set a music the caller will be listening to while the call is on hold.

Advantages of DID Numbers

And finally about DID numbers – I particularly like them and I think their inventor should receive a special Oscar for such a useful invention. The idea behind DID numbers is that you can acquire local numbers of virtually any country and the calls to and by this number will be charged with the local rate. This lets you “open” your small business branches anywhere without physical presence.

If you have now realized that your newly opened business definitely needs small business VoIP systems you can search and select from many business VoIP providers and order one. You will certainly like business VoIP systems because they are modern, cheap and efficient.

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I am Isabelle Brock, I work in the sphere of Telecommunication. I show great interest especially in VoIP technologies and I enjoy writing about the latest developments, news and innovations of this field. I am eager to share my knowledge with my readers. Stay up to date about everything going on in the world of technology and telecommunication by visiting my blog at:

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1 Comment

  1. Angie

    May 20, 2015 at 9:10 am

    Thanks Isabelle for the super- interesting article! Implementation of new technologies can really make lots of things easy, especially with regard to the communication sphere.

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