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How IP PBX and YEALINK Improve Your Business Communication in Dubai

Unified communications (UC) is a term trending globally in various industries including small to mid-sized businesses. It is the integration of real-time communication services within an organization which includes instant messaging, VoIP (voice over IP), video conferencing, call control, unified messaging, conference telephony, and others.

From a business perspective, it is needless to emphasize that communication is paramount, whether it is internal or external. Talking about internal communication, it helps organizations improve their workflow by enabling peer-to-peer and top-down communication to promote work collaboration. On the other hand, external communication is something that helps businesses in improving customer services and retention.

Being engaged in business, you cannot escape from its requirements. Sooner or later, you have to embrace unified communication solution like IP PBX and Yealink to enhance your business communication in Dubai.

Though, earlier, the cost used to be a big obstacle for various small to mid-sized companies, but not now. The above two solutions are cost-effective and capable enough to improving your business communication.

Let us take a glance to understand how they can help.


IP PBX extends for Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange. It is an advanced telephone switching system within an enterprise. It is extensively used in organizations to switch calls between VoIP users on local lines while allowing all users within a company to share a certain number of external phone lines.

IP PBX Dubai is without a doubt a powerful and smart way to improve the internal & external communication within an organization. It provides additional audio, video, instant messaging communication by utilizing TCP/IP protocol stack.

IP PBX Dubai comes in different technical specifications to fulfill diverse needs of organizations. In addition to this, it is entirely up to an organization that wants this solution as a physical hardware or in software.

Let’s explore about Yealink Dubai.


Yealink is a one-stop communication solution for businesses of all sizes. The best thing about this advanced telephony system is it is not only cost-effective but also comes in wide range to satisfy diverse customer needs. This advanced telephony system is a perfect solution to fulfill the requirement of unified communication as it includes features like video conferencing system, IP conference phones, desk IP phones, wireless DECT phones and more.

Powered with advanced security standards TLS, SRTP, HTTPS, AES encryption, Yealink protects electronic eavesdropping and data theft. It is the next generation VoIP phone.


Leveraging technology to boost communication has become paramount for organizations to remain competitive in the marketplace and boost their business. So, never ignore the significance of communication in business.

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Mukesh Jha is a passionate writer who loves to write on the latest trends and technologies. When Mukesh is not writing, you can find him watching informative videos on YouTube.

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