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Is Full Control Over Servers Indicative of the Best Dedicated Server Hosting?

Dedicated servers are chosen by companies for running their website or software applications so that they can have total control over the way these are to be configured and run. In fact, this parameter is one of the most essential parts of decision making with respect to dedicated hosting. Dedicated hosting is also sought when there are large volumes of traffic coming on the site and there is a need for moving from shared to the dedicated one so that the other clients using the shared or the virtual private servers are not affected in any way due to a shortage of bandwidth or hosting space. Best dedicated server hosting is provided by those who offer total control over the server machine.

The Three Options

With respect to dedicated hosting, the client has to consider whether to opt for the server to be installed in own premises, to take up the managed server hosting from the provider or to go for colocation. If it is to be installed in own premises, then adequate provisioning of space, infrastructure and manpower is required to ensure that it continues to run without any hitch. The expenses are obviously there to be borne by the client but the benefit is that all tasks can be done in no time. There is a substantial saving of time when it comes to managing the critical operations on servers. The ease and convenience of performing these operations are also a positive point.

If the client is not willing to take up the expenses pertaining to having the servers at own premises, then the alternative available is to have the managed services from the dedicated hosting provider India. The best dedicated server hosting in this respect would be the one which is capable of responding to client requirements related to the server in no time. While the costs of having the server at one’s location can be avoided, this is also beneficial for those who do not know server operations and have to leave it to the expertise of providers.

The third and last option is to seek services from the colocation providers. These providers allow clients to reduce their burden of costs of maintenance at own premises but, at the same time, would not interfere with the actual functioning of the server. These would allow the client and its authorised IT team to make changes and modifications to the software aspects of the server while taking care of safety, security and infrastructural requirements of the servers. The best dedicated server hosting provider, in this case, would be the one who is capable of offering world-class infrastructure for server hosting as well as being located close by so that the regular server-related tasks can be performed by IT professionals.

Thus, there are three different aspects of the best dedicated server hosting and each has different parameters on which to be adjudged as best. Offering full control might not necessarily be the sole touchstone on which to test the best provider of dedicated hosting in India.

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