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Things to Consider for Getting the Best Concrete Painting and Spraying Service

When it comes to covering a concrete surface whether your floor or walls, the availability of product is limited. You cannot use any other kind of paint or pigment except the paints designed to color the concrete surfaces and these are known as the concrete paints. Calling them paint will again be an injustice to the efficiency and quality of result they produce on a concrete surface. They should be better-called coating if used on exterior walls and stains or dyes when used on a concrete floor. This is mainly due to the fact that paint is usually 2 to 4 mm thick while a coating done on concrete can touch up to 10 to 16 mm. As per concrete painting and spraying service providers, these stains and coatings have the ability to reach the concrete surface pores and produce highly efficient results.

If you are planning to get your concrete walls coated or your concrete floor stained then the best thing would be to take help from concrete painting and spraying service. They are professionals who know their work well and all you will get is a well-painted wall and floors.

  • They have all the necessary equipment that are needed to coat the walls with efficiency. If we try to do painting all by our self we may end up making a stain puddle instead of a splattered effect. This can be due to the use of inadequate sprayer or bubble formation in the pigment used.
  • Another very important thing is skills. Concrete painting and spraying service providers are trained professionals. They know what technique will be used at which angle. Spraying on the floor will be different than spraying on edges which will further differ from a coating on walls. These professionals are experts that know how to spray and the right distance to produce perfect results.
  • The choice of the product can be best done by them. They will be able to choose which product will be apt for your house from a plethora of products available in the market.

The Coating on Exterior Walls of the House!

Masonry paint commonly known as elastomeric paint is best to use on the exterior concrete walls of the house. High flexibility and ability to handle slight structural movements are the USP for this kind of paint. High flexibility and elasticity of the paint not only keep the concrete bonded but it prevents the development of cracks and chipping of concrete from the wall. Elastomeric coating is a durable solution for long time luster and strength on the concrete walls. They offer reasonable protection from extreme weather conditions such as heat, cold and rains. Cohesive force between the paint particles and high penetration enables easy application and long-term stay of the paint on the wall.

Staining the Concrete Flooring of the House!

Concrete flooring requires much higher penetration of color as compared to coating done on the exterior walls. Unstained pored will not only look ugly but it also affects the durability of stain on the floor. So the stain selected for staining the floor should have high permeability. Another feature that has to be looked for is that the stain has to be prone to wear and tear. Since the floor has to bear pressure in the form of footfall and weight of furniture the stain should durable and prone to wear and tear. The luster of the paint is another very important point to be considered. The floor paint should have a long lasting luster and brightness. In the market, a plethora of floor and stains are available; producing effects like opaque, semi-transparent and metallic finish.

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