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Local Web Traffic: 3 Ways Your Business Can Make The Most Of It

Almost all business enterprises today have an online presence in one way or the other. While having an online web presence is one thing, to successfully drive local traffic of web users to the company’s website is quite another. The web is a global village and most companies like to spread their product and service information far and wide to all kinds of people across the globe but it’s the local or people living near the geographic area that are more likely to buy products and services. Here are three basic steps that must be embedded in the company’s online presence model to bring in the quantum of localized traffic.

Use Digital Coupons: Embedding a digital coupon based program is one of the best ways to improve local web traffic while adding value to the online brand useful in overall business development. There are a number of popular coupon based websites that have enormous traffic compromising of users looking for best deal on various products and services in their respective cities. Business owners can sign up on the most popular coupon based websites in their area and offer the most popular business deals to local users who purchase the coupon online and visit the company’s website or the local store. Signing up on coupon based websites gives online business companies an increased advantage of better search engine optimization and free advertising potential attracting a vast majority of local viewership that can be translated into potential clients. Companies can also promote their very own coupon based discount program in the long run to maintain the high influx on local web traffic and increased viewership.

Local Business Directory Listing: Listing in various online business web directories is one of the most useful ways that can help in increasing local viewership and get more domestic traffic on the company’s website. There is no denying the fact that most consumers look at search engines and web directories to get the latest information about the local business closer to their geographic area. Listing on web directories brings credibility and high penetration to business websites including online business establishments that can go a long way in showcasing their website and product information to targeted local audience in a structured and well defined manner. Listing on city centric local classified websites and yellow pages help bringing in local traffic like no other. The biggest advantage of listing on local classified websites and yellow pages is the product centric approach which makes it easier for potential users to search the company’s flagship products and services using a keyword centric approach. Furthermore adding a company’s product on yellow pages and classifieds can also brings a lot on online visitors apart from local walk in customers staying within the same demographic area or region.

Localized Social Media Development: While almost every small and big company and business establishment has an in house social media development program, the key is to drive the local traffic to have increased chances of potential client pool. Adding local maps like Google maps on each social media post and tagging followers, members and existing clients brings a level of interactivity within the social media posts which allows for far more domestic viewership that can result in higher sales and web hits from the same demographic area. Adding posts on Facebook pages and company’s official twitter account on the latest promotional plans within the city or state can also help in more interactive exchange of people which can be translated to increase the local viewership of the business and its related products and services.

About The Author: Yoram Eliyahu is a writer/blogger. She loves writing, travelling and blogging.Love travelling and skiing.

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  3. Gerry

    December 16, 2012 at 9:50 pm

    Cheers for the informative post, what you were talking about with local search traffic and local traffic in general not just online I myself have implemented this into my business I am a qualified plasterer and there is not enough work for the amount of people that are looking I live in ireland pretty small place anyway just by setting up the small website ennis drywall specialists I have gotten a handy few leads which made me stop

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