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Leaked Images Show Concept Designs For Next-Generation iPhones

Rumours claim that we can be expecting an iPhone refresh of three phones launching sometime in mid-September, following trends from previous years, which means we still have quite a few months to go.

Undoubtedly Apple is feeling the heat following industry warnings indicating a recent slump in Apple product sales. Adding to this heat and putting Apple under immense pressure are rivals Samsung, who have just launched their new S10 range of phones and the Galaxy Fold. Considering this could be the first time Apple is under any real pressure to push out new innovative technology to the market, it’s clear that they have to either create something truly different to what is already available, like when they launched their iPads or at least technology that is on par with its rivals for the Apple enthusiasts.

Although there has not been an official Apple launch for their new 2019 iPhone, there have been many leaked rumours surrounding its launch date and what significant changes we could potentially expect from the tech giants.

It is thought that Apple could potentially be working on a successor to the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, which at the moment has no official name. The device is rumoured to feature a triple camera with a setup that is unlike any other. What makes is different from its competitors is the asymmetrical positioning of the three cameras on the back. An LED flashlight and a Mic will also surround the cameras. The possibility of a three-camera rear iPhone is quite high following rivals Samsung’s recent launch of their S10 range which includes three cameras on the back.

Huawei, who first came up with the concept, also offers three cameras on the backs of their phones.

Rumours claim that we can be expecting an iPhone refresh of three phones launching sometime in mid-September, following trends from previous years, which means we still have quite a few months to go.

In regards to the concept designs that have been leaked, iPhone fans can expect an upgrade to the camera or maybe even cameras with the new iPhones. One of the new iPhone leaks shows a central block on the back of the device housing three cameras with a glossy glass finish on the back of the whole device.

Unfortunately, and against popular demand, it seems as if Apple isn’t quite yet ready to get rid of their front notch which means concept designs that have been leaked still features the bar on the front of the phone at the top. In terms of which design will get the green light is still yet to be confirmed. Both designs are still in the evaluation process which makes none of them currently accurate.

Trailing new systems and bringing something new to the market, it has been rumoured that the new iPhone could be incorporated with long distance Time of Flight technology. Integrating this feature into their next-generation iPhone could potentially change the face of mobile gaming as the software creates detailed 3D maps of anything within five meters of the device. It’s quite common that due to Apples creative App development platform, most gaming apps are first available on Apple’s App store and then on Android much later. Incorporating this type of technology in their devices could potentially hone in on this advantage they already hold over competitors and give them the leverage and edge they need.

Due to the ever-changing nature of the tech industry, it’s sometimes hard to keep on top of the technology that others are producing. In this case, it seems as if though Apple, who were once pioneers and innovators in their industry and sector seem to be lagging behind their competitors. This is evident because they have been slow to come to the three camera phone market and became unpopular by removing the headphone jack from its previous phones. Even so, as competitors begin to change the market, and with Apple being so quiet, it begs to ask, could they be working on something potentially more significant that their attention is diverted from their competitors in the smartphone market?

It’s hard to know if this is the case or not, and we won’t know until they do decide to unveil anything, that is again if there is anything to reveal. But, what we do know for sure and are confident of is if Apple does not keep up with changing tech or offer consumers something new, the chances of their diminish is inevitable. As mentioned in the beginning, they are slowly losing their portion of the smartphone market which is challenging to gain back again, unless they pull something genuinely spectacular out of the hat.

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