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Is Tablet Insurance All It’s Cracked Up To Be?

What is the first thing you would do after purchasing a tablet? The possibilities are endless: you could play games, download apps, draw, listen to music, Skype, tweet, email, watch movies or read a book. With all the possibilities to explore, who would stop to think about buying a protection plan? There is nothing fun or enchanting about insurance or protection plans. But later, when you are staring down a spider web crack in the middle of your tablet’s screen, you are going to wish you had stopped and gotten a protection plan.

Top 4 Reasons To Insure Your Tablet:

  1. Warranties and extended warranties only cover manufacturer defects.
    They will not protect your tablet from the spills, drops, trials and tribulations that take a toll on portable gadgets constantly on the move. Several third party protection plan providers will also offer coverage on lost or stolen tablets.
  2. You can rest assured knowing that your tablet is covered.
    Does the thought of your child asking you to play with your tablet terrify you? If you are covered by a protection plan, you won’t be paralyzed with fear as your kids go running at full speed across the room with your tablet in tow.
  3. The more gadgets you protect, the more you save.
    Some protection plan companies offer discounts to those who purchase multiple protection plans. You can save up to 30% or more when you cover your fleet phones, tablets and other devices with ProtectMe Plans.
  4. Tablets are fragile and susceptible to spills, drops and other damages.
    Tablets are gadgets built for people on the go. They can and do go almost everywhere with us. This means a tablet is often exposed to the daily grind of a busy lifestyle and can frequently find itself in harms way.

Tablet insurance may not make sense for everyone. But for those individuals who use their devices often, it is definitely worth the time and consideration.

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I work for MobileMotive LLC, a trusted extended warranty provider that specializes in simplifying and streamlining product protection plans for popular consumer electronics and appliance purchases such as the iPhone and tablet devices. (Enchanted by all things tech!)



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