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Internet Broadcast As Powerful Marketing & Educational Instrument

Internet broadcasting opened some new doors and provided fresh approaches in the field of Internet marketing and education. It also provided a unique chance for handful of individuals to make their children dreams come true. Not everybody’€™s though, but those who always wanted to become radio or TV reporters might find it a handy solution.

internet broadcast

So, how did broadcasting manage to widen marketing and educational solutions in an ever-expanding tech era? First, you have to know that Internet broadcast target audiences through three popular channels:

  • Webcast
  • Podcast
  • Webinar

These three forms make online outreach fast, reliable and powerful tool in hands of a skilled lecturer or Internet marketer.

Whereas each of these three exists thanks to broadcasting -€“ they are not exactly the same. The distinct differences make them tools applicable for use in different circumstances, tailored to target various audiences.

While they can be used as pipes to channel powerful marketing messages, they also serve as equally successful educational instruments. With places around the globe struggling with utter isolation, educational features of Internet broadcast deserve a tribute of their own. Sometimes, the line between marketing and education is so thin it becomes hard to differentiate one from another.


Webcasting is an Internet-based service that became popular in mid 1990s what makes it the oldest of three mentioned above. Initially intended as one-time-show, webcast soon caught on fashion of being recorded and available for download after the actual live event has ended. Pretty much what happens to any other form of media content available online these days.

It is the only form of broadcast that is known as exclusively a ‘€˜live’€™ event, despite a growing number of webcasts being available after the live emission too.

Webcast are provided either via software or webcast platforms hosted by companies providing this sort of service. Either option would serve the purpose of delivering the message. Which one it will be, it depends on target audience, scale of project, purpose and few other factors.

Webcast comes in two forms. Simulcasts of a TV channel are well known to everybody. All of us had a chance to watch some important events online.

Webcast presentation is more popular, and more common, form. It can be successfully used as live press release. This is where you get to taste the marketing and/or educational potential. It serves as great outreach channel at both the individual and professional level.


We are to ‘thank’ the Apple Company for having this sort of broadcast so popular nowadays. It had its big breakthrough when iPods hit the market in early 2000s. Podcasts made the ideal channel to deliver music digitally to millions all over the globe, while iPods came as long-awaited end device.

Podcasts comes in two different forms -€“ audio and video. The advantage over its older brother is that it is not related to particular date or time. While webcasts force you to see it when it goes live, podcasts can be viewed many times after the first play. It doesn’€™t carry the -€˜live-€™ attribute either and is easily accessed and stored to your portable device.

Opposed to their offline forerunners -€“ radio amateurs – podcasts may serve as strong advertisement and educational instruments. With a little bit of creativity, particular niches like music and movie enthusiasts, can be easily targeted and influenced.


Out of three mentioned, webinars are the most popular and most influential broadcast form. While webcasts and podcasts are one-way based broadcasts, webinar is interaction and presentation based. Its name quite speaks for itself -€“ ‘webinar’€™ was coined off the terms ‘€˜web’€™ and ‘€˜seminar’€™.

This broadcast form allows lecturer or speaker to organize and host interactive presentational sessions. As it largely cuts up on expenses typical for throwing a standard seminar, webinar makes a far more price efficient solution.

Prior to scheduling time and date of a webinar, you should throw some research on the target audience to determine the topic of the greatest interest and prepare the presentation. In order to boost the effect of your pre-launch outreach, you should assemble a proper agenda and send out invitations in a timely manner.

As webinar’s success largely depends on the quality of presentation, you should give it an extra dose of attention. Asking for professional help with presentation design would be a wise move.

Wrap Up

Regardless of which broadcast solution you opt for, make sure to properly inspect and analyze the target audience. Once you know what they are looking for, you can easily convert your traffic into leads.

Whichever broadcast channel you use, you have to make sure your Internet connection is stable and your PC or laptop is working properly. Improve your computer’s performance by applying some of the common advices on how to increase your machine’s work flow. Your PC reliability and functionality can make all the difference between having a flawless or a hassle outreach.

Internet broadcast offers wide variety of ways to Internet marketing, educational outreach, pushing out your hobbies and interests -€“ it’€™s just up to you to show up some creativity and make the world hear about it.

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