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Integrating IVR System (JAVA) By WCF Service Wrapper Using Responder Framework

With the increasing trend of Mobile technology now–a-days, the demand of support for each technology has also increased to resolve the issues, queries and complaints of consumers. This advancement assists customers and consumers to lodge their complaints with a single call, irrespective of their location. One of technology that provides issue resolving system is Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system.

The Interactive Voice Response system allows a user to interact with a computer through telephone keypads and communicate effectively with pre-recorded or real-time generated responses. IVR systems are easy to use and work seamlessly with standard environments like Responder Framework. The connectivity between the IVR system and Responder Framework can be bridged by WCF Service Wrapper. The WCF Service Wrapper acts as a communicator between an IVR system and functions of Responder Framework.

IVR systems are designed using JAVA technology, so that WCF Service Wrapper can help IVR Java Functions to call Responder Functions (Dot Net). The major challenge that can be faced is understanding and implementing the Responder Communication Framework with minimum help available and to allow the Responder Framework (Dot Net) to communicate with IVR (Java) using the WCF Service Wrapper. Using the Responder Framework samples, a WCF service wrapper can be created and integrated with IVR system to achieve multiple platform communications. The set up dependencies to integrate the IVR system are as follows:

  • ARCFM Client Responder Desktop
  • Responder Framework
  • ARCGIS 10.1

The process flow of the IVR system is given as under:

Process flow of the IVR system

The transactions done with the database are displayed in green color boxes. The following architecture can be followed for integrating the IVR system:

Architecture for integrating the IVR System

Architecture for integrating the IVR System


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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Subham

    February 18, 2014 at 8:34 pm

    Nicely explained title , although interactive voice system is quite complex process , you made it look easy to understand through images .

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