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What is Insider Threat Detection?

Insider threat is all about a risk to your company or networks security from insider sources that could be your company employees, contractual agents, network security agents, etc. Hence, a preventive measure called insider threat detection is often used here which is all about taking measures to keep the security inside the office just as tight as we would like it outside the office . In most cases, employees and the contractors are made to sign contracts to ensure that they don’t breach or pose a threat to the company in any way. Hence, there are a lot of security measure installed in the computer including firewall, restriction on access controls, ability to view screens, etc. that prevent such threats from happening.

Being an insider really makes it easy to detect and find loopholes in the system, thus making any commercial enterprise prone to security threats. It is true that in most cases, these preventive measures are used for stopping external attackers; insider threat detection is also done using special software and virus detectors. Sometimes, this could be a harmless threat like an employee trying to upload some images of their office party on the e-mail or using the company Wi-Fi account for personal phone chatting.

But often, the threat is much more serious than that. Internal security correlation is one of the fundamentals of this system. Basically, it helps in determining any kind of unusual activity that might be happening inside the office or through the LAN connected computers. These are out of the box solutions that are targeted at protecting any kind of analytic data or information from getting out of the system. It could impose restrictions on the use of system applications, use of external sites and in some case, restriction on mobile phones.

Insider threat detection software sends out a warning or an alarm if an employee is trying to sabotage the network security. It would be keeping a track of all such activities to ensure that there is no risk posed to your company from an employee. It includes advanced technology that goes beyond just software. It incorporates the use of security cameras that are linked to the main servers for watching the usual activity.

Any data being uploaded through unsanctioned means would be also detected. In most cases, personal emails are blocked by the network security. However, if a personal email is being sent using the official ID, the insider threat detection software would not only scan the same but also immediately create an alert if it seems to be a threat. All in all, having such systems incorporated into your security network is not only a safety measure but it also minimizes the risks such as introducing a malware due to sending or receiving of emails from an infected source. etc. So, insider threat detection is mandatory in office in order to prevent security breaches.

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