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Why Advanced Threat Detection Is A Worthwhile Investment

There is no excuse for any computer to be left without at least some form of protection from cyber threats today, though what level of protection you receive to guard you against unwanted outside forces relies heavily on the products you choose and the vendor you receive those products from.

New technologies are emerging by the day and each promise to help shield your computer from third party threats.  But some products are more important than others.  First, every computer should have the basics:

Antivirus Software

The antivirus software you choose should act as the basis for all of your other protective software and devices.  Users can obtain antivirus software for free, though each come with their own list of pros and cons (i.e. one may be the lightest on system resources while another may have the highest detection rates).


The antivirus software used should eliminate any and all spyware and adware, but it is nice to have a separate product which can be used for on-demand scanning.


Windows users in particular tend to ignore adding a firewall to their system because the Windows OS already comes with the Windows Firewall.  Unfortunately, it is not very good at blocking malware that may already be present on your computer, so it is a good idea to implement a third party firewall.

A Safe Internet Browser

Because Windows is targeted so frequently by cyber attackers, Internet Explore is considered to be the least safe browser to use.  Choose a different browser (like Firefox, Opera or Google Chrome) or, at the very least, make sure that your Internet Explorer browser is upgraded regularly.

Why Advanced Threat Detection Software Is A Must

Once the basics are covered, users should strongly consider including advanced threat detection to their repertoire of computer protection technologies.  Targeted attacks are becoming only all the more advanced and sophisticated, and they are now being designed to confuse or evade the basic defences listed above.

Advanced threat protection is able to detect these targeted attacks and can connect them with your existing defences.  These automated systems can convert the threat intelligence they receive into immediate action and provide the protection your computer needs to remain safe.  The best technologies can also produce an advanced persistent threats or APT analysis which allows it to continually broaden its detection capabilities and increasingly expose evasive threats.

When looking into your advanced threat software options, an important factor to consider is how well the software you are interested in can be integrated into your current system.  Before speaking to a vendor, make a list of your computer’s specifications and current programs.  The more tightly integrated the software is with your system, the less time it will take for the software to encounter, contain and protect your computer from APTs.

This type of protection may not have been listed as an essential product five years ago, but the increasingly aggressive nature of cyber attackers is making it clear that it is becoming a necessity.  If you want to reduce your costs of advanced security and bolster your system, advanced threat software is a must-have.

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