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Industries That Have Grown Big Time Due To Technology

Technology is so ubiquitous today that we don’t even realize but we are using it hundreds of times in a day. Businesses and individuals living at homes are both benefitting from technology to a great degree. Faces of things we use have changed due to technology and the processes have become smaller and quicker. Most of the stuff that used to be bulky in size in the past is now compact and shrunk on the palms of our hands. Shopping can be done right from the comfort of your home. For businesses, the best thing technology has done is made them more informed of their products and customers.


There are certain industries that have grown big time due to technology. Some of these industries have grown because their products have become much better than what they used to be in the past. Some companies have provided an unprecedented experience to their customers and become international businesses with these efforts. Today, we are going to talk about a few of those industries that have seen a huge leap in their growth and expansion due to modern technology.

IT Industry

IT industry has been on the rise with the arrival of modern technology. Things have changed completely and it is actually the growth of IT industry that has resulted in the growth of other businesses. Think about it; you don’t have to have many server machines in your companies and spend millions of dollars to keep them cool. With virtual machines you could host several servers on just one computer. Collocation and clustered servers have made it possible to render huge amounts of data. The new technology has even allowed big businesses to completely outsource their IT department, IT solutions and everything related to the IT.

Automotive Industry

Automotive industry is definitely going in the right direction with the modern technology. In addition to the improving materials being used in today’s vehicles, they are also getting better in terms of equipment. New technology has allowed modern vehicles to be safer for drivers by improving their vision as they driver and providing better controls over vehicles. Softwares are an essential part of new vehicles and in future they are expected to get even better. We now have vehicles that don’t need any driver behind the steering wheels. The new software will be extremely helpful in avoiding accidents too and provide automakers with more useful information about drivers and cars.

TV Industry

TV industry has also seen a great boom in its growth due to modern technology. How TV was broadcasted and watched in the past has completely changed in the past few years. People now have more control over their TV watching. They can now subscribe to the services they wish, watch stuff they want at any time they want and request certain stuff to play on their TVs rather than watching only the stuff their broadcasters are putting on. Video on demand is one of the most popular services on TV these days.

Forex Trading Industry

Forex trading has been made so easy with today’s technology that it has really become possible for anyone sitting in their homes to become a millionaire or a billionaire. With the modern platforms that allow users to be a part of forex markets and play safe bets through online brokers have really changed the face of forex trading. Today, every person with a computer and internet connection can be just as informed about the conditions in the market as an expert who has been sitting there for decades. Websites like TheFXView have been pretty helpful in keeping people up to date about the industry. In addition, automatic trading, social trading, algo-trading, etc. are some of the gifts of modern technology for modern traders.

Education Industry

No other industry has seen a growth as big as education industry. Education industry has seen great improvements because teachers now have more power to make their students understand difficult concepts whereas students can learn things in a more efficient way. Tablets, smart whiteboards, Google etc. are all resource that students and teachers use frequently to help them with their studies. Softwares designed for teachers and education have given teachers a great advantage of knowing how their students are performing and what areas teachers have to work on to make their students improve.

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