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Important Software For Your Business Career

Running a business these days is very different from how it used to be in the old days. This is because there is a variety of applications that improve efficiency and integration. There are applications that every business must have in order to avoid lagging behind. And if you have an online business, you should pay special attention to various apps and programs because your business literally depends on them.

Important software that every business should have

  1. Internet browser

Internet browsers are not just for surfing the internet. They also contribute to business development as more business applications are downloaded from cloud servers through an Internet browser. Web browsers also act as a gateway to software like word processors and spreadsheets.

  1. Office suites

Office suites such as Google Docs, MS Office, Apache OpenOffice, and Apple iWork put together many business software applications into one package. At a minimum, most include presentation tool, word processor, and spreadsheet program.
Some office suites include other programs like database, email client, and drawing software. They cover many productivity needs of online business owners.

  1. Enterprise and business intelligence software

This is software that helps in managing accounting and online business marketoperations. Programs such as Sage Peachtree and Quickbooks, which perform basic accounting activities, can be used.

The more powerful enterprise and business intelligence packages provide a comprehensive view of the business. Purchasing a license can be costly, but cloud-based versions of these applications are more affordable.

Communication software

Communication software is a very crucial business software. Some communication applications like web-based email services and online meeting services work in a browser. Other applications such as Microsoft Outlook and Eudora work on a computer and they offer an interface, which lets users connect to e-mail servers.

  1. File management and backup

To manage and backup files, a business requires an application like Dropbox. With this application, you can backup and access critical files from anywhere. Dropbox has 2 security features. They are:

  1. Remote wipe
  2. 2-step verification
  1. CRM

For self-development and good relationships with customers, a business should have CRM software. This software assists in tracking communications with customers and prospects.


There are still many other apps that can help in simplifying and speeding up your business activities. Most applications are available as yearly or monthly subscriptions. If you are running a small business, you may not require expensive applications to run it smoothly. The low-priced or free software will suffice.

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