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How To Write Interesting Articles On Boring Topics

One of the least fun parts of SEO is having to write lots and lots of articles on topics that you don’t find interesting. This will happen when you write guest posts, when you submit articles and even sometimes when you’re writing for your own site and uploading an article that you know it needs rather than one that you just would like to write.

The good news though, is that there are plenty of ways you can make those boring articles more interesting. Here we will look at some of those tricks so that you can enjoy your work more, get more done and even make the articles more interesting for your readers – because if they’re more fun to write, they’ll be more fun to read.

Compare and Contrast

One great method to write about the topic you need to write about and another area that you find inherently more interesting. One way you can do this easily is by doing a comparison article. So let’s say that you love football and you hate cooking, but you have to write an article on cooking. The solution is simply to write an article that compares two, for instance: ‘The Surprising Similarities Between Cooking and Football’.

The good news too, is that you can use this same idea lots of times with different combinations of subjects. And you can even use the same combinations multiple times with slightly different angles. Another article on football and cooking for instance could be ‘The Shocking Differences Between Cooking and Football’. Just bear in mind that bloggers won’t always be happy if you submit hundreds of football articles to their cooking site…

Tell A Story

Another trick is to use the first person narrative to give your article a more personal and interesting angle. And by writing about your personal experiences, you’ll find that the words start flowing easily and quickly.

For instance then, if you’re writing about finance, you could always make an article on the time that you were robbed and how you bounced back financially. Or you could write an article on how your friend changed when they got rich. These articles will be fascinating to read because they’ll contain personal insights and first person experience, and writing about people you know is just as good as writing about yourself. And if you don’t know any stories that are relevant? Well then, just make one up! If you’re bored of writing hundreds of factual articles on dull subjects, then a surefire way to make life more interesting again is to make a story up and use your creative writing skills.

Write A Witty Piece

Another way to make your article more interesting is just to make it humorous, which is always good fun to write. This can even allow you to write about why you find the subject so dull. If you have to write an article on tax returns for instance, then you can just rant for 500 words on why tax returns are so boring to fill out and so boring to write about. You’ll have plenty of material to work from, and the article is bound to be enjoyable both to readNote of course that it’s usually useful to end on a serious/positive note, so even if you rant for ages about how boring tax returns are, the final sentence can make up for it by reminding people that they’re a necessary evil and that it can actually be satisfying to keep your finances organised when you’re self employed.

Search For Inspiration

As we’ve seen so far, it’s possible to write entertaining and exciting articles on almost every topic – it’s just a case of finding the most entertaining angle to work from. If you’re stuck trying to think of ways to make your articles pop then, the solution is simply to look around and find inspiration. Once you’ve seen a way to make the subject interest, you can simply borrow that idea for your own piece – as long as you make it suitably different.

Ultimately you still might not love writing on the subject, but it should certainly make it easier and a little more enjoyable. Then you’ve just got to suck it up…

The author of this post, John Miller, is an employee at WebFirm, a company that offers SEO services. Being tech savvy, he is well versed with the latest technological advancements and online marketing trends.

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Jason Haddad is a technical consultant and a freelance blogger. A voracious reader, he keep himself updated about the latest technological developments around the world.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Naser

    July 25, 2013 at 3:32 pm

    Thanks for the tips John. I personally find boring to write spec heavy articles in technology. The thing I love to write about are reviews and tutorials……

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