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Top 5 Useful Writing Tools for Students

According to the statistics, over 70% of employers prefer hiring candidates with strong written communication skills. It is inevitable to mention that an ability to write concise and well-structured texts is highly valued across industries. Grammatical mistakes, typos, and inaccuracies are unacceptable for all types of writing, so the writer should be attentive while working on any type of paper.

The prominence of critical and analytical thinking, research skills, and an ability to make relevant conclusions cannot be overestimated. Most students struggle to deal with complicated and time-consuming essay writing assignments, as they lack time, desire, and knowledge.

Fortunately, with the development of technology, the online market has become filled with beneficial services and useful tools that may advance the quality of your writing to a completely new level. No matter how complicated or extraordinary your project is, you will have to succeed with its completion in a matter of hours. The types of available writing instruments vary a lot, so the student should be selective in order to pick the right one.

Are you ready to dive into the world of flawless academic writing? Check out the five most influential online tools that will draw you to the desired outcomes stress-free.


From the variety of online services available for college students working with academic writing assignments, Grammarly is definitely number one. The software is actively used and appreciated by learners who strive to eliminate grammar and spelling errors, typos, and inaccuracies that affect the quality of the content. Besides, Grammarly may advance the clarity, tone, and conciseness of your work.

The simplicity of use, compatibility with devices, and affordability of the software make it highly valued among college students. Download the app or use a corresponding extension to discover all the available options.

Google Docs

If you are one of those students, who is desperately searching for an opportunity to advance your writing skills and obtain valuable experience, there is no way you cope with the task without Google Docs. It is an online word processor that can help you draft the paper, edit it, share it with others, comment and make notes. Additionally, once you create the document, you can store it in Google Drive and access it at any convenient time.

Working with Google Docs does not require extraordinary skills or specific knowledge, as the software interface is easy and clear. Follow the guidelines to discover all the features offered within the application.


Motivation is one of the most significant elements on the way to constant progress. If you want to become a pro writer, you should make maximum effort to practice and advance your skills every single day. Twords is the exact web application that will help you achieve the desired result. Awareness, consistency, and accountability are the priorities cherished within the software. It will make you aware of the basic principles of building writing habits and tracking your progress every day.

When you skip a day or a few days of writing, you will get a notification. Additionally, you can adjust other functions and options in accordance with your needs and preferences. Challenge yourself and let your writing skills thrive.


Concise, eloquent, and coherent writing is the goal of most students. Hemingway is another application that will draw you closer to the result you want. First, you need to make a draft, following all the basic principles of academic writing. Then, you can check your text with the Hemingway software to detect any passages, sentences, or phrases that make the essay less readable or hard to comprehend.

Hemingway is an excellent application for students, as they have to write a lot of academic papers. Using the software, learners will get a unique chance to create a short, concise, and well-structured paper worth appreciation.


Creativity and flexibility are the core values of college students working on different academic projects. Evernote is the software that will help you forget none of the important thoughts or ideas. Take your time to make a note so that you can organize your ideas in a well-structured and coherent paper in the future.

Extra Tips for Students Working on Academic Papers

Irrespective of the multitude of powerful writing tools available on the web, academic writing is still one of the most complicated assignments that require much time and consideration. Fortunately, the list of Internet-based services and platforms that can help students master their writing skills and succeed with college projects is not restricted to the above-mentioned applications. Instead, there is also a chance to benefit from other services, offering:

  • Essay samples. Academic writing is not easy, especially if you are working on a project for the first time. In such instances, professional guidance and assistance are critical. Browsing the web, you will come across an unlimited number of services offering free samples of refugee essays, and papers on the economy, history, psychology, and other disciplines.
  • Custom-created papers. Do you lack time to follow the pattern and create a top-quality paper? Check out an array of trusted and reputable online services, like domyessay, that are always ready to help you with academic projects, irrespective of their volume, topic, and level.
  • Reviews of paper writing services. Finally, detecting a trustworthy online service that provides professional help with custom-written papers is not easy. Therefore, reading gonerdify reviews and paying attention to other platforms may help you succeed.

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