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How to Wrap your Christmas Gifts Like A Pro

Wrap Your Christmas Gifts Like a Pro

Wrapping Christmas gifts is a skill that everyone should learn. It’s a great way to show your loved ones how much you care, and it can make even the simplest gift look special. But wrapping gifts can also be tricky, and it’s easy to make mistakes. If you’re looking for tips on how to wrap your Christmas gifts like a pro, read on!

Choose the right wrapping paper and ribbon


The first step to wrapping a gift like a pro is to choose the right wrapping paper and ribbon. The wrapping paper should be high-quality and thick enough to prevent the gift from showing through. The ribbon should be wide enough to make a statement, but not so wide that it’s difficult to tie.

If you’re not sure what kind of wrapping paper to choose, go for a classic design. Red and green are always popular choices, but you can also find wrapping paper in other colors and patterns. If you’re wrapping a gift for a child, you might choose a more whimsical paper with cartoon characters or animals.

Measure the gift and cut the wrapping paper


Once you’ve chosen your wrapping paper and ribbon, it’s time to start wrapping. The first step is to measure the gift and cut the wrapping paper to size. Leave enough extra paper to fold over the top and bottom of the gift.

If you’re wrapping a rectangular gift, start by placing the gift on the wrong side of the wrapping paper. Fold the long edges of the paper over the gift, and then fold the top and bottom edges over the top and bottom of the gift. Secure the paper with tape.

If you’re wrapping a round gift, start by placing the gift in the center of the wrapping paper. Cut the paper into a large square, with the gift in the center. Gather the corners of the paper together and tie them with ribbon.

Tie the Ribbon

Once you’ve wrapped the gift, it’s time to tie the ribbon. There are many different ways to tie a ribbon, but here are a few simple tips:

  • To tie a basic bow, start by crossing the two ends of the ribbon over each other. Make a loop with one end of the ribbon and thread the other end of the ribbon through the loop. Pull the ribbon tight and secure it with a knot.
  • To tie a double bow, make two basic bows, one on top of the other.
  • To tie a curly bow, make a loop with one end of the ribbon and tie it with a knot. Hold the loop and curl it around your finger. Repeat this step with the other end of the ribbon. Once you have two curls, tie them together with a knot.

Add the finishing touches

Once you’ve tied the ribbon, add the finishing touches to your gift. You can do this by adding a gift tag, a sprig of holly, or a small ornament. You can also write a personalized message on the gift tag.

Here are a few tips for wrapping Christmas gifts like a pro

  • Use double-sided tape to secure the wrapping paper. This will help to prevent the paper from lifting or tearing.
  • Use sharp scissors to cut the wrapping paper. This will help to create a clean, finished look.
  • If you’re wrapping a fragile gift, wrap it in layers of tissue paper or bubble wrap before wrapping it in the wrapping paper.
  • If you’re wrapping a large gift, use a gift bag instead of wrapping paper. Gift bags are easier to wrap and they can be reused.

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I hope these tips help you to wrap your Christmas gifts like a pro! Merry Christmas!

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