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10 Practical Tips to Celebrate Christmas on a Budget

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly Christmas celebration, read this useful tips and enjoy the special occasion with friends and family.

The more festivity, the bigger the budget.

Well, not exactly. You may think about the times you are being stomped on all the Christmas planning, shopping, cooking, and decorating; budget always gets in the way.

Fixing the Christmas budget is always subjective, and associated with other factors like family members, location, per head income, and so on. But there are some easy ways through which you can always make the best out of a minimum budget.

Since the biggest festival of the year, Christmas is ought to be a bit expensive anyway, here are 10 affordable ways you can celebrate Christmas without constantly keeping your bank account on a check!

1. Keep an eye on discounts

If you always want to stick to your own budget scale, you have to make a practice of holding your Christmas shopping temptation almost only for discount sales. In different seasons and occasions, many retailing outlets online and offline offer gift cards, coupons etc. Besides, there black Friday sales, Boxing Day sales, cashback offers, and more! Take advantage of the sale offers by comparing the in-store prices with online prices.

2. Re-gift the old souvenirs

Let’s be real. There’s a lot of souvenirs in good condition piled up in your closet that are too fancy to be functional. Some of them are more in numbers! It might seem a bit weird to wrap these stuff up for re-gifting but to be honest; it’s a very practical solution that people have been respectfully doing. You can add freshly baked cookies, a bunch of candies and little wish notes with the gift to add a bit of your heart. Just don’t re-gift the souvenirs who gave you the present in the first place!

3. Host a homemade cookie exchange party

Hosting cookie exchange party is not only a fun event everyone cherishes, it’s also a very affordable way to assemble all family members altogether. Decide a list of different types of cookie recipes and swipe the recipes with each other. The cookies will all be made and baked at home to keep the health and money in check!

4. Rent big Christmas decorative items

It might be a little on heavy on the budget if you plan to purchase all the Christmas every year! You can give your house a ravishing look on Christmas just by renting expensive Christmas decors like chandeliers, Christmas wreath, Christmas themed miniatures etc. Different stores offer to book these decorative items for the season. So instead of purchasing the seasonal items, consider renting in 50 times cheaper deal!

5. Purchase gourmet desserts online

While having fun time baking and exchanging homemade cookies, the problem might arise with the Christmas dessert items after the main course? An easy, time-efficient, and cost-effective way of serving luscious Christmas desserts on the table is to purchase gourmet Christmas desserts from online shops. Along will delicious gourmet plum puddings and biscuits, desserts, many online shops offer Christmas gift hampers and gift baskets in special discounts- perfect for gifting the loved ones.

6. Make DIY decorations

Coming up with your own theme and concept of Christmas with a DIY presentation is a unique way of showcasing your creativity as well as saving money along the way! With affordable items like ribbons, tartan stockings, vintage light bulbs, copper pipes, mason jars, glitters and spray paints, you can make unique and exotic Christmas decoration. Encourage the younger members of the family to make DIY items as a fun activity before Christmas Eve.

7. Include more fun family activities

Not everything can be bought with money. Add some clean, healthy fun on the list of Christmas celebration that requires more solidarity and warmth. Plan to have fun skits and activities like ugly jumper competition, a round of trip around the neighbourhood to see Christmas illumination, Christmas movie marathon etc. and make countless memories all together. For those celebrating Christmas in July, you can always go for a night ski, trying out Ugg boots with your friends and family members. Just try to avoid those Blue Mountain ‘exclusive’ parties, too keep your pocket healthy.

8. Make the most out of e-cards

E-cards are great ways to send greetings overseas. There are a lot of popular sites like Canva, 123 Greetings etc. that let you customise and make your e-cards just the way you want for free! For family members, friends, colleagues, and neighbours, you can make individual templates with customisable illustrations!

9. Offer handmade coupons!

Christmas is all about giving and spreading love. Make homemade coupons about the helps you can offer during your leisure time in your neighbourhood! In the coupons, make short notes to the old couple who need help with some backyard trimming. Or the cute toddler in the next block who might need a playmate sometime. Or, the middle school-goers who might need some help with math! Exercise this amazing practice of giving with your own creativity!

Don’t forget to add a butter chip cookie or a chocolate biscuit with your coupon!

10. Replace liquor with inexpensive cocktails

It might not be even a matter of consideration to many, as liquor has no alternative on Christmas. But the statistics say, more than one-third of the alcohol consumption throughout the year takes place during Christmas among the population! Hence, the price of liquors increases even more during the season. If you really want to keep the celebration under the budget this year, consider replacing expensive liquors with homemade eggnogs, soda cocktails etc.

By inter-twinning these hacks above, we wish you have a fulfilling, joyful Christmas this year!

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