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How to Make a Neutral Space Pop with Color

We all have neutral rooms, but we want them to be a bit more exciting. Colors make your room lively and cheerful. You can choose to use a bold color such as red or yellow, but if you’re looking for something more subtle and less overwhelming, then try using one of these colors instead. What can you do? Don’t go too crazy with color and make the room feel cluttered. That’s where pops of color come in! We will cover adding pops of color without making it look like you threw up paint on your walls.

Choose Contrasting Colors

Choose the contrasting colors of the room to create an interesting focal point. This will help your space feel more alive and vibrant without being overwhelming. If you have a white wall, try using colors like red or blue as they contrast nicely with it. If you want to use color elsewhere in the room, such as furniture or artwork, choose one that compliments the other. Colors in contrast to the color of your walls will make a space pop. From chobi rugs to the walls, the colors you choose will influence your mood.

Choose Bright Colors

Adding bright colors to a room can be very uplifting and give it some life. You don’t want these to be overpowering, though, or you’ll end up with an eyesore that might have been better left plain white. Choose one or two areas where you’d like to introduce some color. They don’t have to be large areas either, just enough to make an impact. If you choose colors for your walls, look at the art you have in the room. Also, don’t go overboard with the color. You want it to be bold, not overwhelming.

Choose Colors That Aren’t Too Bright.

If you’re looking for a more calming room or one that won’t give your eyes too much of a workout, then go with colors like light blue or green, which are still neutral but have some brightness in them and mix well with other shades. A little dimmer than the other colors, these are great for a living room or bedroom.

Focal Point with Colors

Forcing your eyes to focus on one thing can help you decide where to place color in your space. You may want that focal point to be a piece of art or ziegler rugs or some type of decor with color, so you don’t overwhelm yourself and make it difficult to relax in the room. The focal point will stand out against the neutrals to create balance.

Focal Point with Shades of Color

For a more vibrant focal point, use darker colors like purple and deep reds in your space. These can be used as accent pieces or wall art if you want them to focus on visitors when they first walk into the room. Using different shades of these colors together can also be a good way to add some balance. Grays and blacks work best if you are going for something more neutral because they don’t take away from the other natural light present in most spaces. These neutrals will provide a sense of calmness when looking at them.

Choose Colors from Each Palette

The best way to make a space look nice is by introducing colors that contrast well. For example, if you have light green walls, you can introduce darker greens or blues in other spaces and vice versa. And don’t forget to keep the colors from each wall grouping together, so they flow with one another throughout the bedroom.

Room Color Palettes

Lighter colors on the walls, such as light green, are best when having a neutral space because it doesn’t take away from any other natural light present in the room. This will provide some sense of calmness to your eyes and mind while gazing at them. If you have light beige walls, you can introduce darker browns or navy colors in other spaces and vice versa. A neutral space is a room that doesn’t contain any dominant color, making it perfect for those with an eclectic taste who want to mix and match furniture pieces while not having too much of one type of color on the walls.

Choose Pastels

Pastel colors are great for adding a fresh feeling without being too bold or bright. You can combine these with neutrals in your space, and they won’t clash at all, which is perfect if you’re looking for a subtle pop of color. Choosing a lighter shade doesn’t mean that you have to make it the only or most prominent color in your space, but rather use it as an accent and let other colors take center stage.

Look at What You Already Have

You may be surprised by what colors are already present in your home before starting with new paint and color choices. Sometimes all it takes is a little rearranging of furniture or adding something like some colorful pillows on the couch to bring in a little bit of color. If you have orange or yellow accents, start with those colors and add some navy blue pillows to brighten the space while still keeping it grounded by neutrals. Use brighter neutral colors like yellows, greens, blues, and shades of white and grey for the walls.

The key to making an all-neutral space interesting is changing up textures and patterns when choosing furniture, such as adding a brightly colored rug or using patterned pillows in different colors on your couch. You can also add some color by painting one wall with a deep blue shade while keeping the rest of the walls neutral.

Final Word

Have you ever considered adding rugs to your neutral space? You may be surprised at how much of an impact this simple home decor addition can have on the appearance and feel of any room. When it comes down to it, there are few things as easy or cost-effective for transforming a space than buying colorful and vibrant Pakistani rugs from RugKnots. With our affordable prices and wide selection of attractive styles in every color imaginable, we’re sure we have what you need! Give us a call today if you want more information about our products or would like to place an order over the phone with one of our helpful customer service representatives.

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