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5 Easy Decorating Tips to Transform Any Room


Designers do not land from another planet. They are also human beings like us. However, they have some more creative ideas than normal people do. They love to dream, imagine and explore. Most of the times, they follow their intuition. There are some unwritten principles that guide them to produce the same result every time they design. These are just some tried and tested principles that have worked for them. They might work for people like us also. These tricks do not take years to master. Anyone can master them from day one. This article will give you five interior design tips to decorate any room in your house.

5 Easy Decorating Tips For Transforming Any Room

1. Ignore All Principles in Favor of Creativity

House designs need to be based on tried and tested principles. However, these principles may be sacrificed in favor of creativity. It always pays to go with something that is aesthetically creative. Additionally, it should also make the customer smile. Comfort level with the designs is also a criterion for a designer implementing certain designs clients. Rooms should not be overly designed. Go with designs that aesthetically fit the rooms you have to design. Certain design schemes fit certain rooms based on their utility. Therefore, the furniture and the accessories should be fitting the design scheme prepared based on the utility of the room.

2. Be Bold

Personality is one thing that makes a space great. The designer needs to create his own signature in his design scheme. The more a designer tries, the more he or she will be able to see what fits a particular room and what does not. Unexpected design elements like unconventional furniture pieces, oversize accessories may create the much-needed awe effect. Try to create a wow effect by choosing unexpected pieces and interpretations. Select suitable accessories, which will be distinct to your personality. Go out of your way in selecting suitable colors and furniture pieces, which stand out among a crowd of furniture items.

3. Add Layers of Lighting

In a room, which is subjected to evenly provided lighting, nothing will stand out. Try to highlight areas of the room, which need attention, in your design scheme. This highlighting can be done by providing spotlights on those areas. Normally, a good designer tends to create intrigue by introducing layers of lighting. When the lighting scheme is decided, certain areas in the room should stand out. You need to pick two or three focal points and highlight them using lighting. You can also add general ambient lighting and some lower lighting like table lamps, which may interest you.

4. Vary the Scale

What looks good in the store, when you buy it, may look gregarious when you try to place it in your room. Alternatively, it may be too tiny to be of significance in the room you want to place it. So, always try to vary scale and proportion of the furniture. A designer should always try to insert groups of three or five objects in their designs so that they create pleasing arrangements than even numbers. The scale should be in comparison to the room for which you are designing the décor. Some rooms may look good with minimal furniture accessories, whereas some others may require many furniture items, based on their utility.

5. Create a Focal Point

Just like in any film or play, there are leading actors and supporting actors, a design scheme has certain focal points. You need to select your focal point in the room and try to highlight it. Let other items of décor take a secondary role around the focal point. If everybody takes a leading role in a design scheme, it will result in too much visual noise. A focal point may be a dramatic chimney in the kitchen, a headboard in the bedroom or for that matter, a fireplace in the living room. Once you create a focal point, try to enhance its beauty by providing supporting design elements to it.


Thus, we have seen five tips, which will allow us to decorate any room and transform its look. There are other tips apart from the ones mentioned above; however, they are beyond the scope of this article.

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Hermit Chawla is a Marketing Manager at Sprakdesign. A graphic and UI UX Design Company. He loves to share his thoughts on corporate presentation design, lifestyle product design, exhibition design, and more.

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