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4 Professional Tips for Choosing Modern Art for Your Interior

Not sure what size, style, color, or theme of artwork to choose for your interior? Read this post to learn some professional tips for choosing the right art piece for your space.

Your interior design can have an incredible impact on your mood and productivity levels. It becomes even more important, especially if you are a creative person. Modern and urban wall art help display the homeowner’s personality. Besides this, it also ties together different elements of an interior design to give character to a living space.

Choosing a unique painting or just the right piece of art for your living space can often be a bit challenging. With endless options to choose from, finding something to create cohesive and fluid aesthetics can be hard. The most common considerations are where to hang the art piece, what size to choose, or if a specific piece will go with your design theme.

While there might be no set rules for choosing an art piece for your home, some basic instructions can help you find the perfect one. Here are 4 valuable tips on decorating your space with lighted metal artwork and more!

1. Size and Scale

Before you begin to choose artwork for your home, remember that bigger is often better. Many homeowners make the common mistake of going for a small piece over a couch. A general rule of thumb for dealing with the problem of size and scale is that you should go for something that is about two-thirds your sofa’s width or larger, and you can use the same rule to determine the space above your bed. However, in some cases, this rule can be broken as well. If you want to go for a gallery wall in a room, you can use various small pieces instead of one big display.

Along with a big size, you can also choose LED metal wall art, such as our Unique Painting with Color Changing Light and Aluminium Panels. With a height of 20 inches and a width of 40 inches, this piece can be perfect for mounting over your couch.

2. Style and Theme

Choosing wall art for your living space is very personal. Therefore, it is natural for this to come down to style when you plan to decorate a space with wall art. The most unique choices of styles for wall art include abstract prints, unique paintings, lighted metal wall art, wall sculpture, etc.

Once you are sure of the style that best suits your interior design, you should find a piece that not only falls within your style but also goes well with the overall design theme. It is best to choose pieces that fit in perfectly with your furniture and other articles you have accumulated in a living space.

Remember, if your theme is modern contemporary, find modern and urban wall art for your room. Similarly, if you are more inclined toward a classic traditional theme, your art work should reflect the same.

The Koi Fish Metal Wall Art in our online store is an abstract 3D LED art piece. It has lights with alternating colors. This piece is perfect for a contemporary theme that aims to tie together creativity and innovation.

3. Color Schemes

The color palettes for interior design differ a great deal from the color palettes for art. For interior design, you mostly go with neutrals or warm shades. However, for art, the use of bold color schemes is pretty common. It might be a great way to match your art piece’s colors with your design colors, but it’s not the only method.

The art colors can sometimes be completely opposite to your room’s color scheme. In other cases, you might want to go for a black-and-white scheme. In any case, there are two approaches to go about it. You can either choose a piece consistent with the color scheme in your room for a cohesive and sophisticated design, or you can go for colors that complement the theme already present.

4. Inspiration and Appeal

The most important tip for selecting artwork is to let go of stress. In most cases, it’s unrealistic to expect that you’ll just walk into a gallery and find the perfect piece right away. Choosing artwork for decoration isn’t as simple as selecting curtains for your room. You have to know what emotion you want to evoke with an art piece or the art style you prefer.

Therefore, a wall art piece that speaks to you can be an inspiring and creative option for your interiors. Art not only transmits your personality and individuality, but it also helps to uplift mood. So, if you want your family and guests to feel inspired by your artistic style, you probably need art that speaks to you.

Since your living space is an extension of yourself, it should represent your personality, and inspiring artwork can help with that. You can choose 3D LED Lighted Metal Wall Art from our inspiring art collection. This unique piece is a color-changing lights wall art piece, which is perfect for both bedroom and living room walls.

It’s a Wrap!

The most wonderful thing about wall art is that it is an interior design investment you can bring to a new house. Above all, it continues to grow in value over time.

While many are ready to invest in a wall sculpture or a unique painting, you can also go for some affordable options to decorate your space. Either way, with ArttissAU, you can find an extensive variety of art prints and color-changing lights wall art pieces for any space and in any theme. Shop at our store today to find the perfect piece that will last for generations to come.

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Daniel Alexander is a blogger that has a passion for writing. He publishes content on various topics ranging from tips for event planning and interior designing to technological advancements and financial tips.

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1 Comment

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