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How to Live with a Yogi’s Mindset

Mindfulness is something we can all practice in our daily lives, on the mat or off it. We’ve all been there: the serene feeling after a deep and relaxing yoga session, which immediately goes away once you’re driving home and get caught in traffic. So how can we make this feeling persist during the day?

As I like to say, chilled is the essence. There are some interesting ways to incorporate the yoga mindset everywhere.

The Yogi Mindset encompasses more than just Yoga

Take your yoga energy everywhere with you. Yoga has been long established as a practice that integrates both the body and the mind. Yogis from across the world have many health benefits, such as increased energy, a better range of motion, an improved sense of balance, and a stronger cardiovascular system. They also tend to be calmer and exhibit a demeanor that invokes a sense of inner peace that carries on to others. Yogis have additional benefits, such as maintaining a healthy income. If you know how much a yoga teacher makes in a year, you will know that your hours of practice in yoga are well worth the time.

Yogis and yoga practitioners are capable of achieving these long, strong, healthy lives and having a beneficial impact on their world. The dream is to carry this positive mindset to your life and not just on the mat.

Here are some ways to integrate yoga lessons into your everyday life.

Be Comfortable

Being comfortable in your skin is a big part of the practice. Pants made for yoga and a loose-fitting tank top are the most comfortable clothing items that you can wear. Once you have established your comfort zone, you can proceed to concentrate on your mantras, mental focus, and poses. Slippers, though not necessary, are massively popular amongst yoga instructors because of their comfort and minimalist design.

Your feet are important as they serve as the foundation for your balance, and any discomfort will carry through to your spine. Treat yourself to reflexology and pedicures. A comfortable pair of slippers will work wonders for your mood and technique.

Recovery and Rest after a session

Yoga simultaneously challenges the body to its limits and relaxes it. As your practice grows, you will find improvements in your strength and flexibility. Continual growth requires a good recovery routine between classes. Nice and supportive footwear can help you with this process, and before you know it, you will be practicing yoga like a master.

Tighten your core muscles with compression tape to enhance the healing process. Remember to stay hydrated, eat healthily, and stretch to progress. Off days should be left as off days. Pushing yourself will only backfire and make your progress slower.

Miniature meditation sessions

It is beneficial to one’s health to open the chakras and allow astral energy to flow through the mind. Meditation need not be a strict session during yoga class but can be done a few minutes a day to improve mindfulness.

There are many options for guided meditation sessions available through online podcasts, or if you feel more comfortable leading yourself, you can do so as well. Meditation sessions throughout the day can help you reduce stress and anxiety.

The Art of Relaxation

Relaxation is an art, and you can do it any way you want to. Meditation and mantras need not be involved. Snuggling up on the couch with a duvet while binging your favorite flick on Netflix or a casual game of tennis, downtime is crucial and should not be overlooked.

Everyone has their own way of escaping daily life. Some people like to relax with a cup of coffee, others like to smoke shisha. These powerful relaxation techniques can help you improve your mood and outlook on life.

Although yoga is itself a meditative practice at its core, we must be mindful of our lives too. The popularity of yoga is not simply a side-effect of an upper-middle-class illusory bubble, but rather a complex web of feelings and techniques that can be brought with you wherever you go. Bringing that vibe and energy to your everyday life will help you stay balanced and connected.

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Serarah is a lifestyle and yoga blog writer dedicated to helping you with your yoga practice.

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