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How To Ensure Cheap Call Rates For Your Business All Over The Globe

cheap calls

Working as a small scale business? Struggling with investment problems? Setting up a small-scale business with international links has many hurdles. Managing risk, wide-spread operations and controlling costs that incur while running such set-ups is a challenging task for an entrepreneur. An excellent business strategy is something that needs to be formulated in order to tackle such problems. Business decisions are often difficult to make especially when you are the sole owner or there is a small scale set-up. A lot of concerns revolve around a businessman’€™s mind which needs careful consideration. Our major concern for a globalized businesses environment should be the reduction in communication costs!

Why is inexpensive communication important?

The world is at a stage of globalization where every person is connected to the outer world. A lot of firms have some link to other countries. This might be when you run trading businesses and you have to export goods to another country. Well, you obviously need to communicate with your retailers and excise person at the other end of the globe. This requires confirmation and for this communication to be effective, you have to make sure that both ends are satisfied. Calling rates are usually high for overseas and business calls might prolong for a long time period thus increasing the cost. For such issues, there must be some inexpensive technology available!

A smooth procurement process might be the key!

Supplies from overseas are a major part of businesses set-up in third world countries. This is because developed countries usually help supply advanced technology and services which is helpful for the business. Contacting suppliers is something that needs to be done frequently and the communication process should be on time so that sufficient lead time is allocated to smoothen the procurement process. Contacting with them will obviously increase the costs of the business while communicating through regular network providers. A cheap international calling rate is something that can really help with such processes.

A wider perspective

Other outsourced businesses such as tax practices and accountancy services are usually in a financial crunch in the home country. They work overseas and provide services for people in the home country. This usually requires small set-ups and economies of scale usually do not persist in such firms. Communication costs for such businesses form a major part of expenses because clients overseas require information about their work frequently. Also, inquires might have to be made from the clients or their connected businesses and financial institutions in the country abroad. It is beneficial for such businesses to accompany low calling rates because their communication process is extensive.

Quality face-to-face communication with the help of VoIP

Video conferencing when taking business decisions is another type of communication that needs to be held. Face to face meetings are preferred in the corporate world in order to judge the other person through his/her body language. Such conferencing requires a lot of hardware and increases business costs as it is routine work. With time, software has helped man develop applications which can give you the lowest rates for a video-link. Settings up costs are low as every tablet computer can run this technology and the lowest possible price is to be paid. When you contact with the other party on the same software, the video-link is completely free!

There are more than 250 million active small scale offices which use VoIP as a way to communicate. Around 80 percent of U.S smalls scale organizations have switched to VoIP as their major communication model and the increasing trend has led to more competition which in return provides further reduction in calling rates.

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Umair Maqsood is a Digital Marketing Specialist with his expertise in SEM, SMO, SEO, SMM, Content Marketing and Marketing Automation. Technology inspires him, Digital Marketing is his passion and writing is what he envy the most. You can get in touch with him on his LinkedIn to chat about Digital.



  1. Priyanka Jain

    February 17, 2014 at 10:24 am

    communication is the key to business and your article points out well at the low call rates and other social networking advantages which would help us. thanks.

  2. Gautam

    February 18, 2014 at 9:03 am

    I think Video conferencing will gain popularity in upcoming years and I was thinking what if Hologram communication gets real,It will really be great.

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