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Benefits of Call Forwarding Feature for Business Phones

Not every call you receive on your business telephone can be considered equally important. As a matter of fact, some calls are not only annoying, but complete time wasters. Thankfully, this is the part where the call forwarding feature of your virtual phone becomes very valuable.

When a client or customer calls your business telephone number, the automated attendant (also known as auto attendant) generally answers the phone call and then forwards the call to the right department or personnel. Your telephonic communication with your clients or customers starts when the auto attendant immediately forwards a customer’s call to you. This auto attendant also assists you in routing your calls to other telephone numbers or even to your personal voicemail box when you are unavailable to answer the phone calls of your customers.

Smart Features

The features are known to be much more efficient and effective with virtual telephones.  There is even a feature that will actually help you to forward calls to several numbers; this includes your cell phone, your home phone, and other telephone numbers of your choosing. In order to use a feature like this, you will need to provide the phone numbers to your telephone system and it will track you down to ensure that your calls are delivered to you. This feature also offer you the opportunity to set times and days for any phone number(s) to prevent getting calls on those lines during those periods.

As a business owner, you can choose to enable the “Call Screening” feature and make announcements on all extensions of your virtual telephone using call forwarding, prompting callers to record their name. This means you speak only with those you believe are vital to your business and divert time wasters your voicemail.

Let’s take a look at the pros of using a call forwarding feature for your business:

Customers Will Not Feel Neglected

The type of business you run may require that you go out to meet people. If have a strong desire to grow your business, being tied to your desk all day will not help you. You will to go out to drum up some business and meet individuals who can help you take your business to the next level. Assuming you are right in the middle of an important break-through meeting and your cell phone begins to ring. You clearly will not be too pleased to spend those vital minutes yakking over the phone. Forward your calls to other numbers. According to studies, customers prefer to talk to a person when they call. Your customers will not feel neglected when you forward the calls to numbers where they get to speak to an actual person or at least, leave a message so that you can get back to them.

Stay Connected to Your Clients/ Customers All the Time

A virtual telephone system will keep you connected with all your important contacts all the time – at the office, at home or even when you go on vacation. The phone system is designed to work with any phone. You can easily forward calls to several phone numbers, this includes your cell phone number too.

You can choose to set the time you will be available on each phone number to answer your client’s call, your virtual phone auto attendant will forward your phone calls accordingly. Even if you are on vacation, you can easily answer an important phone call from a client/customer you have a strong business relationship with.

Ideal Marketing & Ad Tool

As a smart business owner, you can also strategically prompt callers to listen to a very brief sales pitch. This works like an ad for your company and at the same time there is no possibility of missing any vital business opportunity. It is important to understand that a missed call indicates a missed business opportunity that can actually prove to affect your business negatively.  If you are a very busy person and you know that you will not have the time to answer every single phone call, you can simply utilize call screen and announce. This feature will not only save time, but it will also prevent you from missing business opportunities.

With the advanced one, you will never be far from your clients/customers. This feature helps you to keep in constant touch with those you do business with.  Even if you are busy and cannot answer a call, you will not be worried that you may have lost a potential business opportunity – all calls will be forwarded to your voicemail box, where callers can easily leave voice messages. Investing in a good quality call forwarding feature will certainly make you a lot more organized in answering calls and reduce any chances of missing phone calls or missing important voicemails.

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