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How To Create PDF On Mobile Devices

mobile pdfMobile productivity is constantly evolving. There are many tasks you can accomplish on the go. From emailing files to editing documents, there’s nothing you can’t accomplish on your device so long as you have the right app.

While you don’t have to think twice about emailing or composing a quick document on the spot, having to create PDF files on your device may stop you dead in your tracks.  Sound difficult?  Not if you have an app for it., a company that specializes in PDF converter tools, just released Mobile PDF Creator for Android and iOS.

As its name suggests, this app will let you create PDF files directly on both smartphones and tablets. This handy little app can convert Microsoft Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint files to PDF documents instantly. Despite its function and purpose, Mobile PDF Creator is lightweight.  File conversions take place on Investintech’s own servers that will accurately generate a PDF of your file and send it back to you. You don’t have to worry about losing battery power for extended resource usage.

Moreover, the app is easy to use. The user friendly interface ensures that the conversion process is convenient across all devices, regardless of screen size.  You can create PDF on Android or iOS in 2 taps.

To create PDF on mobile devices:

1. Locate the file you want to convert to PDF
2. Long press on the file. Once you see an Open file dialog, choose to open the file with Sonic PDF Creator.
The PDF creation process will start automatically and you can find your new PDFs in the file list. The PDF files you generate can then be easily shared, opened or deleted with a few taps:

  • Tap on the Share icon and you can choose from any one of the sharing services on your phone to pass the file along
  • To open your PDF just tap on it from within PDF Creator’s file list
  • To manually delete your file, tap on the delete button under the file’s name and tap again to confirm the deletion

All files converted are deleted from the company’s servers after 24 hours, as well. Every document you convert and each PDF you create is secure.

You can download and use PDF Creator app free from the Investintech site, iTunes and Google Play Store.
Dealing with last minute PDF tasks is never fun. Rest assured though, if you need a quick PDF file, you can easily get the job done with a few taps.

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