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How to Create an Online Sports Betting Platform from Scratch

Online sports betting is one of the favorites amongst sports lovers. Be it football, cricket or tennis, people love to bet on sports before and during matches. In the UK, online sports betting brings 37% of the total revenue from online gambling.

Benefits of Opening a Sportsbook Platform In 2021

The pandemic has done its deed. The people visualized the need to shift their business online. A sportsbook platform is no exception. As most businesses and even audiences shift to the web for their needs, opening an online business in 2021 is a solid idea. Some of its benefits include:

  • Safe and stable income without spending tonnes on infrastructure
  • The growth of online gambling platforms in the US and around the worth is increasing at faster rates
  • The gambling business is not under irregulated market anymore. It is regulated under proper gambling authorities
  • The presence of AI, virtual reliability, stimulators and blockchain, and other such technologies has increased its scope by multifold

Why Gaming Providers When Starting An Online Betting Business?

Well, it isn’t easy to start an online sportsbook business without the help of gaming providers. It is simply impossible to own a website, get a webspace server, manage bonuses, payment system, betting lines, different sports, marketing, and more, all your own.

Steps You Need To Take To Start Your Own Online Sportsbook Platform

Thinking of starting your own online betting platform? Here is how you can do so from scratch:

1. Create a Website

The very first step to start an online business is to create a website. You have two options on how to create a website.

You can hire a website developer to create a website from scratch or take the help of a website builder. If you are low on budget, using a website builder like Weebly or creating a WordPress website is a good option.

You can choose from various readymade templates (in this case, an online gambling business template) to create a website.

2. Choose a Website Hosting Service

After your website is ready, it sets as a framework for your online sports betting website.

Next in line is finding a good website hosting service. Look out for cheap and best-shared web hosting to host your website on a server. Some of the popular web hosting services are Bluehost, GoDaddy, A2hosting, HostGator, and others. Choose a web host that provides you with a free domain (.com, .play, .org) as well.

3. Choose a Gaming Software Provider

Once your website is set, it is now time to find online bookie software.

An online sports betting solution is of three types, i.e., turnkey, API integration, and customized.

NuxGame can make a full-featured online sports betting platform through its iGaming software.

Various considerations should be made when choosing software, like its integration method, number of sports it supports, interface, bet options, user-friendliness, and more.

4. Integrate Sports Betting Software

Once you have shortlisted your software provider, it is time to integrate it into your existing or new website. There are three ways to get software integrated. These include:

A turnkey integration is an online sports betting solution that uses a readymade platform to turn your website into a sports platform. This allows you to start your sportsbook within 48 hours.

An iframe API integration uses API to integrate a variety of sports, betting lines, and more into your website to turn it into a bookie platform. This is much more affordable than a turnkey solution and gets integrated faster as well.

The third option is to use a Sports Engine (customized solution). This type of integration is best suited for existing websites so that the interface is customized according to the layout of the current website. This integration is shaped as per clients’ needs and desires. It is expensive and takes more time to integrate. However, the end result is unique.

5. Marketing

After integration, it is time to market your online sportsbook platform. Again, most of the software providers provide marketing services to help with the same.

So, this is how you can create your online sports betting platform from scratch. The key here is to do your research and follow each step for effortless integration.

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