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Why Sports Betting is Taking Off in the USA

Sports have always been highly popular in the United States of America. It is obvious to see just how competitive and passionate the fans are in the country by looking at the different forms of sport played.

Whilst many of the traditional sports are played at a professional level, there are also college forms of sporting events such as American football, baseball, basketball, ice hockey and football (soccer) that have proven incredibly popular with fans from each state.

US Sport has always been popular with fans

In fact, one way of gauging how popular a sports team or sporting event is – prior to 2020 – was to simply look at the stadium and how packed it was.

With so many fans cramming into the stands for a sporting event when possible, whilst many continue to rock their team’s colours as proudly as possible on game day and beyond, it should be no surprise just how big sports betting has taken off in the US.

New legislation has certainly helped

Of course, with it being a rather new legal activity in many states that can only help to further complement the sporting events being watched, many sports fans would have likely jumped on the chance to try and win money by backing their favourite teams – or perhaps their opponents – whenever possible. In fact, it was reported that the sports betting market was valued at around $85 billion in 2019, with many using things like the DraftKings #1 US Sportsbook for all their needs.

Remember, sports betting in the United States was illegal until just a few years ago when in 2018 New Jersey managed to get a victory at the Supreme Court in regards to permitting sports betting. Naturally, prior to this, many would have used offshore betting operators, but this meant they were unprotected and it could have been dangerous at times.

There were states that had already allowed for a number of different sports bets to be made legally, but they came with certain terms and restrictions that were not always favourable. For instance, betting on a single game or a Championship game was outlawed by the 1992 federal law that had been in place, however, the 2018 ruling meant that would be struck down.

Naturally, the new legislation will have played a huge role in why sports betting has taken off, however, the emergence of a number of new online sportsbooks will have also given many the opportunity to get involved in the gambling scene.

Choice and Opportunity available

With a vast array of choice available to them, punters are no free to choose with whom they make their sports betting selections. They are also able to make the most of some competitive odds and markets as well by choosing from a number of different options. If they had to sit down and bet with just one sportsbook, then there will be some concern that they are not getting the best deals, or that they may simply get bored with the offerings they are continuously being provided. Any sports fan within America will know that competition is key, as this will always help to bring out the best.

By having a large amount of competition in the market, online sportsbook operators will need to work continuously hard to provide the best to new and existing members that they have. This will mean providing great offers and bonuses, as well as the best odds and markets possible. By doing this, they will be able to attract more potential gamblers through their online sportsbook, thus helping to make the industry even bigger.


To understand the impact of sports betting in the United States of America, all one person needs to do is to watch a sporting event live in person or on the TV. There will be a number of commercials and advertisements at stadiums, on TV and radios, that will show just how big of a presence sports betting has. Furthermore, there are a number of teams that will have sponsorship deals with sports betting operators as well, therefore showing just how much sports betting has taken off.

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