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America’s Favorite Sports Mascots

The mascot is an important part of attending a sports game in America. But with hundreds of teams all with different mascots, it begs the question: which is America’s favorite mascot?

It is a tough choice to make and Hogtown Mascots has helped to narrow down the top mascots in America right now.

1. Puddles – Oregon Ducks

The Oregon Ducks has the mascot formerly known as Puddles. This mascot is known for being a pushup machine on the field of play. Although Puddles is now just called the Oregon Duck, Puddles is known for his antics.

Perhaps the most notorious incident came when the mascot for the Houston Cougars mocked Oregon by doing pushups on the field. Cue Puddles rushing in and giving the Cougars mascot an absolute beatdown, with wrestling moves and taunting includes.

Who couldn’t love a mascot like that?

2. Taima – Seattle Seahawks

Few teams still use live mascots for their teams. The Seattle Seahawks are the exception. Every home game Taima flies across the home field.

The problem is that during one game Taima didn’t feel like flying across the field of play. She quickly became one of America’s favorite mascots when she deposited herself on a fan’s head and hung out there, posing for selfies and becoming an Internet sensation in the process.

3. Met – New York Mets

 According to the Davie Brown Index, the mascot is the most important part of the show. The Met is the finest example of this, and perhaps one of the most well-known mascots in the world.

The Met is friendly to children, veterans, and has done a lot to help New York and the Mets to get through some of the darkest times in its history.

It is about as squeaky clean of a mascot as you are likely to encounter.

4. Phillie Phanatic – Philadelphia Phillies

Mascots often find it difficult to stand out in 2019. The Phillie Phanatic is one mascot that does not have this problem. The fuzzy green giant regularly entertains the crowds with its antics.

The Phillie Phanatic is also so popular that it has even made trips to Japanese baseball games.

5. Benny the Bull – Chicago Bulls

Benny the Bull is an example of marketing genius. The Chicago Bulls took Benny the Bull and made it into a brand of its own.

As well as games, Benny the Bull has been exported for a variety of community appearances. Combine the games with outside appearances and Benny the Bull attends about 250 events every single year.

Last Word – Mascots for Marketing 

Mascots are not just fun they are an effective marketing tool. Anyone planning a show should always have a mascot for kids and adults alike.

The key is to make it unique and to ensure that it provides a memorable performance. As you have seen from many of America’s top mascots, many of them have stood out because of their antics.

Who is your favorite mascot? Have you implemented a mascot for your business yet?

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