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How to Buy Patio Furniture You Will Be Proud to Own and Show Off

Well-designed patio furniture brings a different dimension to the comfort and functionality of your outdoor space. You can transform a bare-bones stone-paved patio into an alfresco dining hub for family and guests with comfortable seating and a spacious table. If you have a porch, you can make it more inviting with a classic rocking chair and a comfortable wicker sofa with plump cushions. You can extend the space of your home by using the deck, balcony, or pocket garden with the choice of the right outdoor furniture. Some tips for choosing outdoor furniture that will make your yard the new destination for relaxing, entertaining, and dining:

Find Out What You Need

The choice of outdoor furniture can make the selection overwhelming. The best way to buy the right patio furniture is to figure out how you intend to use your outdoor space. You may want to use it as a private and cozy spot to catch up on your reading and perhaps a quick snooze or you may want to entertain guests for an evening of fun. Making a list of the probable activities in the outdoor space will guide you on what furniture to buy.

Choose Low-Maintenance Outdoor Furniture

The most important difference between typical indoor and outdoor furniture is outdoor furniture needs to be weather-resistant and take everything from high winds to bright sunshine and rain in its stride. You must, therefore, choose a material like metal, plastic, or weather-resistant wood and wicker that stands up well to the ravages of the elements and looks attractive. You should consider using heavy-duty furniture covers, available at Designform furnishings, to protect them during the winter when you will not use them. Alternatively, if you have the space, you can move all the furniture to storage for a longer lifespan. You will do well to choose stackable furniture or furniture you can easily take apart for more convenient storage.

Try Out the Furniture Before You Buy

You can expect people to use the patio furniture extensively, so comfort is of the essence. Rather than buying the furniture blind, you should take the time to try them out to find out if they are comfortable. Focus on pieces with slanted backs for proper support and plush cushions or fluffy pillows on the seats and the back for comfort. While natural fabrics may be inviting, you should only buy synthetic ones to prevent the furnishings from rotting or fading.


You can find it tempting to buy cheap outdoor furniture, but you will do well to remember that it will lose its looks quickly and not last long. For example, plastic or HDPE furniture looks good when new, but when left out in the sun for a long time, it fades and can become brittle and collapse. Similarly, wood furniture looks great, but unless you maintain it periodically, you will find it rotting and harboring mold and mildew. According to House Beautiful, good-quality outdoor furniture will typically last 5-10 years with regular maintenance. Sturdy patio furniture is expensive, but when you consider its considerably longer life, you will benefit more with a lower cost of ownership.

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