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How Talent Agencies Are Beginning To Look A Lot Like Dating Websites

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Talent agencies have taken on a new business model that look a lot like that of popular dating websites like EHarmony or Dating websites feature a database of men and a database of women and they are “paired up” based on similar interests. These men and women can search for each other based on appearance and interests as well. Some are free to join while others may have a monthly fee but the goal is the same: match up people in a happy, and hopefully long-lasting relationship.

America’s got talent fever

Turn on any of the major networks at prime time and you will see one talent show after another. From America’s Got Talent to American Idol, the possibilities are endless. The popularity of reality television shows have set the stage for these reality talent shows and now more than ever people are finding their 15 minutes of fame in some unique ways. Indeed the emergence and popularity of these reality talent shows has created somewhat of a “talent fever” for many of us. Maybe you can act, sing, or dance, and when you turn on the television you find yourself saying, “Hey, I could do that!” But, what’s the next step?

Recently, talent agencies such as Talent Soup and One Source Talent have taken the same approach as major dating websites when matching up potential actors, models, or performers with agents or companies who can help them make it big. The entertainment industry is highly competitive and at times hard to navigate. Clients and agents alike risk being “lost in the crowd” when it comes to landing jobs in the entertainment industry, so networking and finding a compatible match are essential.

One Source Talent

One Source Talent, originally started in 2003, has created an online presence and environment where clients and agents can not only network with one another but also find compatible matches. With a diverse database of talent and agents, One Source Talent seeks to fill the different needs of their clients. They even have their own YouTube channel, focusing on recruiting talent, and individualizing the search for a reliable agent.

Talent Soup

Talent Soup works in a similar way where they feature a database of talent but there is not a database of agents to search through. Companies, who become clients of Talent Soup, then use the database of talent found on their website and choose talents based on the needs of their company. Talent Soup simple acts as a middle man, providing the platform of talent to companies, and contacting talents when they are chosen by the companies. There is not a lot of control on the part of the talent, but it all depends on what your goals are as to whether this would be a problem for you.

Time to go on your date

Whether you choose one of these online talent companies or seek out an agent on your own, there are many companies devoted to finding the right match to help you set out on your journey to stardom. Many of these talent agencies that have an online platform will also have an actual location, if you prefer face-to-face communication as opposed to searching through a database of information. Once you have found your compatible match, you are ready to go on that first date with fame.

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