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Small Business

How SMB’s Can Present an Image of an Established Business

Appearances matter, especially when it comes to your business. As you are probably aware, it’s the small things that can influence your future clients to choose you as their next business partner. And most of the things here on the list are easy, and you can do them at your own free time. They will immensely help you run a more successful business.

What are some of those things, you might wonder? Well, some of them are quite simple, like having a dedicated company email and a purchased domain or having your own personal and unique logo. Some other solution can be a bit harder and will require the help of a professional. So, let’s start:

1. If Working with Clients On-Site – Use Scheduling Software

Having a lot of clients is perfect, but with great power comes great responsibility. You simply do not want to waste someone’s time, and there is some very good appointment scheduling software available on the market that will deal with this problem in no time.

These solutions will allow your clients, if you choose so, to pick their own appointments and services, anytime and on any device, saving you and your staff a lot of time and money. Your clients will be able to reschedule and cancel, making your business available to them 24/7, something that will boost how your customers interact with your business and increase your brand loyalty.

2. Having a Unique Domain Name

Domains are very important, and having your own web presence is essential, especially in this day and age. When it comes to a good domain, you need something that is relevant to your business (obviously the exact name would be best, but only if short and memorable).  Try out a few options before deciding. Ask your colleagues and friends for advice. They might notice something you didn’t and will help you avoid some glaring mistakes that could come back and haunt you.

When creating your website, make sure to also create emails that use the same domain, as that will look extremely professional, and will help you separate business and private emails quite effectively.

3. Business Cards

While business cards are slowly dying out and are replaced with instantly exchanged contract info via any texting app, they look professional and can come in handy, especially if you meet a lot of new people.

In a crowded room, sometimes, it’s difficult to tell someone your exact email, or write down a person’s phone number – business cards are an easy solution to this and will certainly make you memorable. There are many services online where you can order business cards, which look way better than doing them yourself, at home.

4. For a Web Page – Get a Designer

Web design is an art form, and quite difficult at that. If you are not in that profession, it is very difficult to imagine all the small things that a good web developer and designer will know. They will not only optimize how your website looks and feels to your visitors and potential clients but also how it is presented to search engines – and will help you as a form of marketing.

A good website will have a clear layout, an easy to use interface, and will deliver fast results – getting your visitor to where you want them to go. It will be optimized for search engines and will help you get better rankings and reach a wider audience. Have a blog on your website that will help both your clients and search engines with valuable content.

5. Make Payments Easier

Bigger companies have much bigger resources and, naturally, more payment methods at their disposal. If you have a brick and mortar store, you understand the necessity of accepting both cash and cards, and when dealing in an online environment, use a provider that will accept all kinds of cards and money transfers.

Some of them might charge a monthly fee, but all of this is expected for the service you’re getting. Focus on increasing your customer’s experience and making the purchase process (including payment) as easy as possible, and your clients will appreciate that.

Choose the right time for doing all of this, when your company isn’t experiencing problems and you have some free time on your hands. This clean up will help your small or medium business look presentable, and much more distinguishable, which will only lead to landing much better, and bigger, clients.

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