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How QR Codes Can Empower Small Businesses

dynamic_qr_codesQuick Response codes or simply QR codes is a machine readable, optical code that provides among others proper classification, accuracy in documentation, time stamping, and a fast and reliable solution to product management. QR codes compared to barcodes have a greater storage capacity and multiple capacities. Its origin was traced back in an automotive industry in Japan, designed for fast decoding of car parts hence given its name -€“ quick response.

Its success was later on expanded to other industries such as food chains, grocery and hardware stores, social media websites, and even used in advertising and marketing campaigns. We can see QR codes almost in every product, magazines/newspapers, and even in company establishments. Its rampant growth is not only due to the “quick response’€ it provides but also the ease of access where one can easily scan QR codes using a smart phone and gets the services or data they needed in a split second.

QR Codes can boost profitability for small businesses

Since QR Codes are becoming a trend, small businesses can expand their market reach and be in a competitive position in their respective industries by using the full benefits of QR codes such as the following:

Business Cards Integration

Typical business cards have limited information about the company. It only shows the name and contact number of a person and nothing about the company. By placing a QR code linking to the company profile and background, a prospective client will have in no time be able to know what your company is about.

Print, Brochure and Other Ads

Cost of printable ads varies to their sizes, the larger the ad space the more costly it gets. Imagine how a QR code can only take a small ad space but can provide full details about your product with one just scan.

While on print media like brochures, menus can only accommodate limited product details. When you use QR codes, you are giving your customers access to the full product description where they can browse easily using their smart phones. QR codes main advantage also is that it can be saved in your phone’s memory, allowing your clients easy access from time to time.


Online purchases and applications can be encrypted using QR codes, this way, when a customer presents his/her vouchers/coupon, retrieving information can be done in no time at all, allowing faster and accurate customer service.

Indoor / Outdoor QR Codes

QR codes can also provide location map and directions to your business establishment. Placing QR codes on outdoor advertising like billboards can lead your potential customer right in your company’s doorsteps.

On the other hand, placing QR codes beside your product’s name will enable your customer to know the full features, description or even history of your product as well as your company profile.

Less Hardware Cost

Decoding of QR codes doesn’€™t require a company purchasing code scanners; one will only need a smart phone to have access to the QR codes’ encrypted information. Since smart phones and android phones are now the common cellular devices used, everyone empowered to use QR codes.

To sum it up, QR codes can empower any business tenth fold its current market standing. Using QR codes at its full benefits can drive your company to its potential growth.

Have you now realized how helpful QR codes can be for your business? Use it as an advantage for your business and make it a success.

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Yvet works as a content coordinator for Scanlife – A global leader in QR code technology. Follow scanlife on twitte @scanlife



  1. Donald Quixote

    March 3, 2014 at 5:27 pm

    QR codes are a great idea to place on printed material. Your covering two forms of advertising at once with it, print and digital.

  2. Andy Selcho

    March 5, 2014 at 12:15 am

    I agree with Donald Quixote. This really is killing two birds with one stone. Plus, digital marketing is on its way to being a moving force in the marketing business world.

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