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Could TikTok be the Future of Youth Marketing

In the year 2020, chances are, even if you haven’t registered yourself on TikTok before, you have at least heard young people talk of it, or possibly even watched a few TikTok videos in your leisure time – some of the popular ones being the ever-new and classic TikTok challenges. This short-form video app has become quite the social media sensation and a revolting cultural force that has transformed the way we both perceive and consume media.

By the Statistics

Last year, TikTok became the most rapidly growing social media app with 1.5 billion downloads worldwide. According to one mobile data and analytics firm, App Annie Inc., TikTok stands at approximately 26 million monthly mobile users in the U.S. By the beginning of 2020, a whopping 85% increase relative to the previous year was noticed. That being said, the majority of TikTok’s target audience is young social media users with 60 percent of its users being between the ages of 16 to 24.

The User-Generated Content

TikTok has often been referred to by many critiques as the infamous ‘lip-syncing app’ with the credit of its roots and inspiration given to Contrary to the high criticism, TikTok has grown to be so much more than a faded sensation. Young people can now have access to popular comedic sketches, quality memes, and not to forget, a wide array of ‘TikTok Challenge’ videos. And there’s more, young students can also access informative content related to nursing essay help by subscribing to the relevant individuals. They are also encouraged to interact and engage with each other through “duets,” where users are allowed to duplicate, replicate and recreate videos. As a rule, hashtags play a monumental role as the key organizational tool for challenges that are trending, jokes, and other commercial video formats.

A Popular Way of Going Social

Users can easily navigate and browse through videos by scrolling up and down, similar to a news feed, unlike tapping and swiping side to side on other social media platforms. The algorithm is designed to enhance user experience and relies on catering custom-selected content for the user in their ‘For You’ section. This feature is strictly in contrast with other social media platforms, that are largely self-directed. It’s designed using a smart algorithmic feed that creates an endless stream of recreational content based on videos people have previously interacted with, or even just watched with intent. Popular phone companies such as Samsung have already made a TV for the young generation of TikTok users, which can easily switch from landscape orientation to portrait mode to accommodate the vertical video format.

Untouched Potential

In this age, the brilliant news for digital marketers is that TikTok brings forward a unique opportunity to tap into the new market guided by the emerging youth. Some marketers are late to the show as a popular research company eMarketer has highlighted that only 4% percent of American marketers are using the platform. In another news, Digiday has recently come forward with a report on how TikTok is undergoing an experimental phase, testing out and considering a wide range of ad models to implement as they proceed forward to commercialize the platform and create value for brands.

Advertisers should keep their eyes open to seize the opportunities and tap into the future of youth marketing. In present-day scenarios, digital marketers can take advantage of several advertising avenues and opportunities that include branded hashtag challenges, in-feed ads, and influencer-generated content. The founders of TikTok are expected to roll out a dynamic ad platform sometime in the year 2020.

Social Media Advertising + TikTok – A Perfect Match!

TikTok is tapping into social media communications as well. The platform has been established for making your day and channelized TikTok for good – an avenue aimed at inspiring and encouraging its young users to facilitate a positive influence on the people around them.

Various peace-promoting organizations such as the International Federation of Red Cross, the World Wildlife Fund, ASPCA, and Red Crescent Societies, have collaborated with TikTok to create campaigns that shed light upon and address pressing issues like animal welfare and climate change awareness.

Certain woke TikTok stars have also taken it upon themselves to use the platform to raise awareness on crucial matters and make the world a better place for others. Take the example of Charli D’Amelio, a 15-year-old TikTok star that succeeded in helping raise thousands of dollars for a non-profit charity organization that supports children with special needs.

The cultural impact that TikTok has created is unprecedented and undeniable, and only time will reveal how both marketers and the rising youth will tap into TikTok’s insurmountable power.

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My name is Martin berg lives in London, I am a content writer. I work for the professional academic service providing company in the UK.

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