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How to Write a Social Media Plan for your Business

You are not alone if you think that your social media presence is a mess and needs some TLC (tender, love, and care). It’s not easy to know where exactly to focus our attention with social media for businesses and brands because there is such a wide variety of platforms and opportunities available out there. But not to worry, this article will explore what a social media plan for your brand or business entails and how to put together a plan that works for your company or brand while also answering some frequently asked questions along the way- so without any more delay, let’s dive in!

Create an editorial calendar

You need to create a schedule that fits into your daily schedule and this schedule should outline when you will post on each social media channel as well as what content will be posted. Creating an editorial calendar helps you get organized and reserves your content so that you don’t constantly worry about what to post and when to post it. An editorial calendar handles all of this for you. There are also certain times that generate more traffic on social media and these are the opportune times to post. Your editorial calendar will ensure you post at these times. Also useful are services that help you get followers naturally and organically, such as Growthsilo, currently the best Instagram growth service on the market. Although there has been some stigma over this subject of buying followers you don’t need to worry since this site produces organic growth and helps you focus on the other aspects of your profile.

Determine what social media platforms you want to use

There are many social media platforms available that appeal to every demographic. You have the OG Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and newbie TikTok. The top 3 most popular social media platforms to market your business are Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok because they all have a massive audience and features and tools that allow you to promote your business whether it be through paid ads or collaborating with influencers. To choose the right platform for your business you first need to understand each social media platform and its demographics to determine if it aligns with the audience you are trying to target. You can also use more than one platform at once however, you will need to adjust your social media marketing strategy to accommodate that app and its audience. For example, TikTok is a video app so you will need to constantly produce entertaining video content as opposed to Instagram which requires both image and video content.

Create a list of goals and objectives for each platform

The easiest way to achieve something is to set a goal which is the objective that you wish to achieve. A goal is your desired result that you envision and it involves a plan and commitment to achieve that goal. Goals generally need to be reached within a finite time so you have to set deadlines when planning them. To determine what you want to say on social media, you need to think about how you want your brand or business to be represented and what voice and tone you want to have on social media. Also, consider the personality you want your followers to experience. To determine what is effective, research by looking into metrics and seeing what your audience responds best to, this is very important.

Develop a strategy for responding to customer concerns promptly

Finally, it is important to decide how you will monitor each social media channel so that you can avoid getting overwhelmed and spending too much time that can be spread across other tasks and activities. Engagement is very important on social media and part of engagement is responding to your customers’ concerns. Some social media platforms allow you to generate a robotic response to messages however, it is a good idea to personalize it and respond yourself because people generally do not appreciate robotic responses. Responding to your customers establishes trust and loyalty to your business and brand.

Whenever you do business, you need to have a plan and it is no different in the digital world of social media. To write a successful social media plan for your business you need to incorporate the following aspects: you need to determine what social media platform you want to use, create a list of goals and objectives for each platform, create an editorial calendar and lastly, develop a strategy for responding to customer concerns on time.

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