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How Much Does it Cost to Develop an Android Application?

The android app development process is creating unique apps, there are certain cases when some tasks are added or removed. In THIS case the cost of the development may change.

If you are wondering how much does Mobile App Development costs then, you are on the right page with us. Whether it is about food ordering, chatting with your friends, traveling abroad, or booking a ride, the one thing that comes to mind is your mobile device.

From the past few years, Mobile apps have become a need of every business sector to capture the huge marketplace and efficiently connect with customers. So, if you are worried about Android app development costs for your business that makes sense. In the end, you don’t want a cost price list that is very expensive.

Android App Development Cost depends on the complexity

The cost of mobile app development cost depends on the complexity and size of the task the developers need to accomplish your project. It’s apparent that every app is different, but on the whole, apps can be categorized according to the type of design and set of functions.

A small size application with basic features can be made within 300 hours- $2000 to $10000.

A mobile application of medium size with few complex features will take 400-600 hours of work- $10k to $40k

To develop a complex app, you need to hire an android developer as the work will demand more than 600 hours of development time- $40k to $80k

So the Cost to Develop an Android App varies and to calculate the amount of the investments, you can simply multiply the number of working hours with the average hourly rate of mobile app programmers. The Android app cost also depends on the qualification and experience level of the programmers. The higher the knowledge and skills, the more costly the android project would be.

Main Stages of Android app development

The procedure of mobile app development can be divided into several stages:

  • The preliminary cost estimate takes 1-3 days

  • Marketplace analysis and competitors study will take 1-5 days

  • Prototyping 5-15 days

  • The design of the app takes 5-15 days

  • Coding takes 20-60 + days

  • Quality analysis 5-10 days

If you want to know how much does it cost to maintain an app, just connect with a leading mobile app development company and discuss your app idea with them today.

The Estimated cost of the application

In addition to the above, we can make a preliminary estimate of the cost for android mobile app development but it depends on the app features and size. It is a rough calculation and only the minimum and maximum costs associated with the android project are specified. It’s tough to estimate without knowing the requirements of the project as it depends on the volume of work at every stage, that’s why the estimated cost of an application is performed two times.

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