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How Casino Brands Balance Industry Favorites and Exclusives to Keep Players Coming Back

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Across the world of business and entertainment, striking a healthy balance in your strategy for growing your presence is vital. Whilst determination and single-mindedness can drive you forward, retaining an objective perspective can help you achieve bigger ambitions.

This essence of balance manifests itself across the entertainment and tech sector as brands seek to engage with customers in different ways. Providing a diverse offering without watering down your overall proposition can strengthen your chances of growth.

This is particularly relevant in the world of casino gaming, where the biggest brands seek to strike a balance between offering players something different and new, and ensuring that old favorites and recognizable staples remain available.

In this article, we will consider how gambling platforms achieve this balance and attempt to understand how it influences the habits of customers.


Much like in the competitive streaming marketplace, where platforms like Netflix, Prime Video, and Apple TV work to out-flank one another by offering exclusive titles, so too do the world’s biggest online casino platforms.

For example, among the jackpot bingo games available as part of Betfair’s own selection are several titles clearly labeled as ‘Exclusive’. This small tag articulates to a player that they will not find this game anywhere else.

Exclusive games on Betfair’s platform include Clover Rollover 2 Jackpot, Aztec Spins, and Cop The Lot. Aesthetically, these games slot seamlessly into the platform’s broader selection, but each plays a vital role in developing brand loyalty.

Casino gamers, like traditional gamers, are often habitual in their playing habits, and so it is no surprise that platforms are happy to invest resources in developing their own games, and nurturing a following for them, as part of a wider tapestry of more recognizable titles.

Source: Unsplash

Industry favorites

Tempering that commitment to exclusivity is the requirement for leading casino platforms to offer games that their players know and love. Again, it’s quite simple to draw comparisons here between the online gambling sector and traditional console gaming.

While Xbox and PlayStation place major marketing stock in exclusive titles, particularly when launching new hardware, being able to deliver popular favorites like Grand Theft Auto and the FIFA series of games can be equally important.

For example, in online casino terms, the Deal Or No Deal line of titles is hugely popular in the industry and you can expect to see games carrying the brand of the popular game show franchise across many of the leading platforms.

Casino platforms will build relationships and agree on high-value deals with the developers of these games in order to be able to offer them on their website. The alternative – not being able to give players what they want when they sign up – doesn’t bear thinking about in such a competitive and ever-growing marketplace.

As you can see, being able to strike the balance between offering exclusive titles alongside industry favorites should be a key part of any entertainment brand’s strategy. Whether it’s in the world of streaming, console gaming, or online casino, standing out from the competition – while giving players what they already know they want – is vital.

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