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5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs to Redesign the Logo

Logo design can be customized according to the demands and needs of the business. That’s why the logo plays an important role in a business

A logo is a symbol designed to represent a company, organization, or institution in the form of a graphic mark. It is the main identity of an organization and helps in customer recognition and identification of products. Logo design can be customized according to the demands and needs of the business.

That’s why the logo plays an important role in a business, as it creates awareness among people about your business and products or services. A logo may include a name, symbol, icon, or slogan designed by designers to represent your company in front of customers. It helps people recognize your business and thus increases your sales volume.

Therefore, people can easily distinguish between other businesses offering similar services or products by looking at the logos on their vehicles or websites.

However, as the trend changes and new technologies keep advancing, your old company logo may not be relevant to the current situation. People will eventually forget your company branding because they don’t find it memorable anymore and may find another company that fits their condition.

This is why you should consider rebranding your company logo.

5 Signs to Redesign Your Business Logo

There are many reasons why a company should redesign its logo. One is that the business has expanded and is now offering new products or services. Another reason why a business should redesign its logo is that it has shifted its focus and is now targeting new customers.

It’s also important to note that while rebranding is necessary for some companies, it can be a daunting task but also exciting. Rebranding your company logo will not only give you a fresh start, but you will also be able to redo your marketing strategies and get the message out to the public that your business has changed.

Here are some signs that your business needs to redesign its logo.

1. Your company changes the direction

As the trend changes, your business may need to change the direction of your company. Your company may have been doing well, but with time, your business may have decided to focus on a new market or target audience. For example, a company that used to offer financial or banking services may decide to rebrand its logo if it focuses on a cryptocurrency market.

The company may also need to change its business name since it is involved in the cryptocurrency industry. It requires a new message or value if the company wants to send it to the community. This is when you should start to redesign your company logo.

That’s why if your business has undergone a significant change in direction, it is crucial that you reflect this message in your logo design. This will help your company stay relevant to the current market and get recognition from many people.

2. Your company is expanding

If your company has expanded, your business has likely diversified, and you are now offering new products or services. This is a good reason to rebrand your logo since it will allow you to complete a marketing overhaul and advertise that your business has changed direction.

When you’re expanding, it is important to show the public that your company is growing and that it is doing well. This expansion can be well seen in the new logo you are creating. That’s because if a company redesigns its old logo, it creates a surge of worthy news that attracts people’s attention.

If more people are paying attention to your company changes, that means a good sign that they will remember your business in the future. After all, people need 5 to 7 impressions to remember a brand, and the news of your company changing its logo will improve this impression and eventually helps people get to know your new logo.

3. You want an updated look for your business

Your current logo is too complicated, and you’re finding it hard to promote and present your brand because it is hard to understand and identify with what you do. This can sometimes happen if you’ve had a business for a long time and have had the same logo design for many years, so you may decide it’s time for a change.

Or, your logo is also outdated to the current trend that it doesn’t reflect your business messages anymore. For example, if you started with a logo design based on the color green 20 years ago; now that green is no longer popular or is not seen as being friendly or professional, then perhaps it would be worth redoing this part of your branding (logo). That way, people will find the new company branding more adaptable to changes.

4. Your company is undergoing a merger or acquisition

If you are planning on merging with another company or being acquired by another business, then it is likely that the new company will want to redesign your logo to reflect its own brand and style. This is because they will want to make sure that they are seen as the dominant partner in the merger or acquisition, so it’s important that they have a strong brand identity.

A merger will most likely change the business name too. That’s why the logo needs a redesign. People will associate two or more merger companies as one new entity easily if it has a brand-new personality, such as company name, company logo, and product/service name.

5. You want to change your product/service line-up

If you are planning on adding a new product or service line-up to what you already offer, it is a good idea to redesign your logo to incorporate this change into its design. This is because if you don’t do this, people who know about what you already sell may not see why they should buy from you when there’s something else available.

For example, if a coffee shop adds sandwiches and cakes to its menu, it might want its logo design to reflect this change in some way so that people who only knew about them for their coffee would also come to buy sandwiches.

Wrapping Up

Sometimes customers will stop buying from you because they feel they are not getting what they want or expect from the business. This could be due to how long the brand has been around.

Or, your product/service isn’t relevant to current trends, technological advancements, or other aspects of today’s world. This is why you should redesign your logo just so that people will know that your brand is still alive and well.

You can then determine if your business needs a logo redesign from the signs listed above. Make sure to choose your brand logo carefully because it reflects your business value and message to your audience.

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Andre Oentoro is the founder of Breadnbeyond, an award winning explainer video company. He helps business increase conversion rates, close more sales and get positive ROI from explainer videos (in that order).

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