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Hints on Choosing a Proper Wall Mount for Your HDTV

Although it may not seem so, choosing a wall mount for your flat-panel TV can be quite tricky. Not only do you have to take into account the size of your current TV, but, since we now tend to change such devices more frequently than ever, you need to choose a wall mount that can also be used for a slightly bigger screen.

There are also other things to consider when choosing the best option, since the wide range of products on offer may sometimes cause frustration among buyers, who get sidetracked easily and forget about the most important features. Here are some of the points you might want to consider next time you need to buy a wall mount.

Mobility and flexibility

Some modern wall mounts allow you to swivel your TV anyway you like, as well as to tilt it up or down if you’re watching your TV from the bed. Such mounts are usually recommended when you have to install them in a corner of the room. Another cool feature of such mounts is that they can be used in cabinets designed for an old CRT television. Attached to the back of such a cabinet, a full-mobile mount brings the TV up front and you get an impression that it’s actually levitating.

Such advantages come at a price and you need to be prepared to pay more for extra features. When choosing your mount, you need to know exactly where you’re going to install it. Usually, a 20” arm is enough, even for larger TVs. You also need to be careful to have long enough cords to be able to turn your TV anyway you like.


You choose this option when you don’t have much space or don’t need to move your TV around a lot. The advantages are that it’s easy to install and it’s the cheapest option. Also, your TV is not so exposed to accidents as it’s the case with other types of mounts since this one keeps the TV firmly fixed and close to the wall.

At the same time, that might be a disadvantage, too. Namely, sometimes it might be very difficult to plug in a cable or even access the back of your TV. Naturally, that depends on the design and these mounts work best with TVs that have connections on the side.


This is possibly the most popular option since it combines some flexibility of a full-mobile mount with the strength provided by a low-profile mount. It allows your TV to be tilted up or down, but you can’t pull it or move it up and down. This option is by far the best if you have to mount your TV above eye level, advise Brisbane’s TV wall mount experts.

Its disadvantage is that while trying to offer as many options and features as possible, it might not be good enough for those with very specific requirements. In terms of price, they are also somewhere in the middle, which is another reason for their popularity.

Other things to consider

Apart from the fact that your mount should be appropriate for both the size and weight of your TV, you need to be aware that in most cases a lower price means that the quality of the material used is lower or that it doesn’t have all the features offered by a more expensive model. You don’t want to risk destroying your expensive TV by looking to save a small amount on the mount, but you also don’t need to overpay to have some features you don’t need.

Final remarks

If you know exactly what you expect from a wall mount and what kind of TV you have, you shouldn’t have any problems finding the right one. Pretty much, the trickiest part is the installation, since you need to follow the instructions closely in order to be sure your TV is securely installed and ready to provide countless hours of education and entertainment for you and your family.

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