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7 Ways to Place a TV in a Small Room


TVs have long been a part of our everyday life – we could hardly imagine our bedroom or a living room without this electronic item. So, even when the room is quite small, we still want to find the right place for this device – if you are considering the best way to do that, you should try one of the following means.

  1. Choose the right size of the TV. It seems logical that it will be much easier to find a place for a smaller TV, so, after assessing the size of the room you should respectively choose the most appropriate size of the TV. You got lucky in this case: despite all of the technicalities, it can be stated that smaller TVs are cheaper. Therefore, you will be able to save some space in the room as well as save some extra money.
  2. Purchase a compact TV stand. This is probably the most common decision for those who decided to place a TV in the room. Two main parameters should be relevant for you when choosing it: the length (it will depend on the size of the TV) and the width (spare space in the room will depend on it). You should also consider whether you are planning to keep other electronic devices and other items on this table besides the TV – in this case, you should probably get a little bigger one.
  3. Place the TV on the wall. This is one more popular idea; though quite often the problem of the TV visually “consuming” all of the attention and becoming the centre of the room comes together with this idea. So, if this was not your purpose, you should place a cabinet or a small table slightly below the TV even if you are hanging it on the wall – such furniture will help to integrate the TV into the overall surroundings of the room.
  4. Use it to separate spaces. A TV can surprise with its functionality if you place it as a partition for separate spaces – for example, for a dining room or a kitchen. With the help of a cabinet or a small table, you will be able to implement such an idea even in a smaller room – this way will help you to slightly enlarge the space visually. It would even be better if your chosen model is easily reversible: then you could watch TV while resting as well as when cooking.
  5. Place the TV against a dark background. A TV can be eye-catching and not in a pleasant way when it is not being used – this problem can be easily removed once you place it against a darker background. It doesn’t matter if it is a dark wall or a bookshelf, you can rest assured that this device will no longer attract the attention.
  6. Find it an empty corner. This way will allow the maximum use of your space and will guarantee that the TV will easily integrate into the surroundings. However, in this case, it is especially important to choose the appropriate size of the TV – only after the precise measurement of the intended place you will be able to implement such an idea. TVs of various sizes are available at different prices in e-stores like
  7. Include it in the interior. TVs look really great in the niches of the chest of drawers; however, after a little consideration, you could find even more original ideas how to include them in the interior of the room. Don’t be afraid to make it a main accent – even though there is not a great variety of styles of the TVs in this case, you could easily find TVs of really bright colours, which will help to create a unique atmosphere of the room.

At least one of these ideas should be really perfect for your room, and even though you can’t find one, you can always come up with a completely unexpected solution. The most important thing is that watching TV would be comfortable for you, and everything else will depend only on your own creativity!

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