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4 Easy and Practical Tips for Air Conditioning Maintenance

Summer is still here, and the temperature of the heat is still rising. With this, you might want to check the status of your air conditioner. In time’s like summer, you’ll want to make sure that your air conditioner could provide comfort and relaxation.

As there are different types of AC, it’s best to hire a professional for the AC’s that’s beyond your knowledge.

Air conditioners work harder during summer, so you have to make sure that your air conditioner operates in top condition during summer as it would be a bit frustrating if not. No matter what type of air conditioner you have, here are some tips for AC maintenance.

Check and Inspect Your Air Conditioning Unit

The first that you can do is to inspect your air conditioner or have it checked by a professional, primarily when it’s not working on its best performance. If you think that it’s beyond your capability of doing the maintenance, then you can seek or call an AC expert to check the condition of your AC.

Clean or Replace the Air Filter

One of the simplest and essential things for you to do is to clean the air conditioning filter. You have to inspect the filter screen of your AC often as it’s one of the reasons why air conditioning units don’t work efficiently. You may clean the filter once a month, and if needed, you can replace it.

If you’re living in a public and populated area, you may want to clean your filters often as cities are more exposed to dust. When the air conditioner’s filter screen becomes clogged, the airflow will reduce, and more dirt will clog causing your unit to become dirtier that could trigger asthma symptoms to your guests and family.

Inspect the Parts and Wiring of the AC

Before checking the electrical units and wiring of the air conditioning unit, always start by turning off the central power of the system. You can locate it on your breaker panel or from the outdoor unit.

To find the wires and components, take off the access panel of your condensing unit and check if there are old and outdated cables that you think needs replacement. Inspect if there are signs of overheating, melted, blackened wires.

Also, check the cables and connections and make sure they are tight. If you’re uncomfortable doing it or you don’t have any idea on how to inspect this part of your air conditioning unit, you can directly contact an expert to ensure safety.

Clean the Surroundings of the Outdoor Condensing Unit

As time pass by, leaves, dirt, and soil will build upon your outdoor condensing unit. These problems will cause your conditioning unit to function poorly and decrease system efficiency. Clean the surroundings and by using just a hose, try to wash out the debris.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to use a power washer as it can potentially bend the coils of your AC unit. If there are bushes around it, you can trim the shrubs as it can affect the airflow of the air conditioner.


Properly maintaining your air conditioning unit will be a great benefit for you regarding of saving energy and especially money. But if you want to save time and hassle, classic AC services will always be happy in assisting with any of your air conditioning needs.

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