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A Guide to Purchasing a Wireless Router

3d Modern WiFi Router on a black background

Wireless routers are everywhere nowadays. Almost all houses and businesses today have one. Functional wireless routers are one of the most significant components of wireless network helping to easily connect a computer to broadband internet service. This allows to share data files and stream media between rooms apart from a bevy of other actions.

3d Modern WiFi Router on a black background

Choosing the proper and requisite equipment is not easy always. In fact, this is quite confusing, especially while peering over the spec charts for a bunch of gear that you are not familiar with. Without doubt, there are several reasons to be skeptical when it comes to making performance claims.

Finding Yourself the Right Wireless Router

Finding the right wireless router for your home or business can be quite frustrating. You are certainly looking for adequate coverage and great performance and quite likely to avoid upgrades at least for the next few years.

Adding up to the confusion, there are several specifications: AC1750, 802.11N, and N900. Before you buy a wireless router, ask yourself if you want to opt for a high-end model. If you need nothing apart from creating a wireless network, a fairly cheap router will suffice. If you need a few extras like parental controls, security and the option to connect external storage drives and USB printers, you need to get your hands on the high priced routers.

Do you need a Wi-Fi Router?

The wireless routers allow the wired and the wireless devices to get connected to internet. It also allows to communicate with other devices on the home network. Some people work from a single PC or a laptop that is directly connected to the DSL modem or cable. This is because they do not have other devices or users in their office or home that needs wireless connectivity. If this applies to you as well and you need not deviate from a fixed location, you don’t need a wireless router.

However, nowadays, most people benefit of the wireless routers. With the Wi-Fi routers, browsing websites from your bedroom or sharing pictures and streaming music and videos to varying devices in office and home is possible.

Here is a checklist to help you with your search for the best router capacitated to suffice all your networking requirement.

  • Evaluate Signal Strength

The wireless routers enjoy different signal strengths. Even for small apartments, signal strength can be a huge trouble. Figure out the one that fits your need suitably. Signal strength is best evaluated through real life tests.

Understand obstacles in interior home ambiance and the specific distance that the signal needs to go to be used in a given part of the building.

  • Decide on the Speed

Make sure that the router supports existing internet connection that is Cable, DSL, etc.

Check out on the Mbps value. The limit stands at 600 Mbps for the latest routers. You can check out on the manufacturer’s documentation or find a knowledgeable salesperson to know the specifications.

  • Test the Equipment of Choice

You need to undertake a few tests. Remember that specifications just give a theoretical maximum and the tests show the way it performs.

  • Choose Encryption

Consider the need for encryption. The wireless routers employ WPA or other encryption kinds for protecting the network of intruders. You may also seek technical assistance from the router’s manufacturers.

  • Remember the Compatibility Issues

One of the most significant elements of finding the best wireless router is figuring out how it will complement existing pieces of hardware in the network.

For computer workstations and hardware that do not come with a built-in network capability, the cartridges or the network cards allow accessing the wireless network. When the router matches the cards or the small adaptors, the LAN connection may ensure a better speed.

  • Compare Warranty

One of the best ways to purchase a wireless router is selecting the one that guarantees to last a particular length of time. Check out on the warranty provision carefully to decide on a specific brand or a model.

  • Assess Customer Support

It helps if you buy the wireless router from an agency that offers adequate customer support. Remember that assistance and technical support is integral to installing or dealing with a given device.

If you are buying a wireless router that you want to serve you well into the future, you will be better off by opting for the greatest and the latest. This way, you can remain assured of the fact that you will be saved of the trouble of changing it soon.

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Steven Scheck is the Principal of Inspire WiFi, the nationwide leader of multifamily wifi and healthcare wifi. When he isn't bringing Wi-Fi to the masses, he enjoys spending time and traveling with his wife and 4 kids and occasionally gets in a round of golf. He is also very involved in philanthropic causes in Miami and nationally.

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