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Key Points to Look At When Choosing a Wireless Router for Your Home Office

Everybody has made it a priority to have a network set up in their houses. As the world changes so does the mindset of many people and this explains the need to have one in our houses. Our homes have become our offices, this alone has prompted people to install routers in their houses.

Routers have not only become popular but very necessary. Routers stand at the center of the wireless network. In the market today, as much as there are genuine things so are the fake ones. The following are some of the things that people are required to check before getting themselves a router so as to ensure you do not have an encounter with a troublesome router.


This is the distance between the router and the devices being supported. The placement point. The position determines the transmission. A central location is known to provide the best and fast internet. Not all spots in the house can transmit good network since some of them are dead ends. People with big houses are always advised to get two routers. For story buildings, more than one router will help create fast connectivity.


The speed of the router matters highly. The number of megabytes per second is mostly considered since it represents the fastness at which the wireless router is transmitting data. Information about the speed of the router will be found from the internet service provider (ISP).  Routers speed is always indicated on the routers package. Having a wireless router that registers speed of either 150mbps or above means faster connection with minimal interruptions. People should be careful since most of the time the speed indicated on the router is always false.


Different routers have different prices and this determines the kind of router you will purchase. Best wireless routers come at a very expensive price and also very reliable. As technology advances so are the routers too. This means that prices will not be constant but increasing by the day. A super high end router is more advanced in technology hence a higher in price. Cheap is expensive. Getting a cheaper router will meanhaving to endure a troublesome network.  Additionally, routers that can provide internet of about 30mbps are more than capable of providing internet to ahousehold.


You have to know what kind of router bands you will need. A router can have either single, dual or tri bands. Most households use the 2.4 GHz network. Single band router are more likely to give 2.4 GHz network while a 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks will be provided by the dual-band router. Also, tri-band router provides a 2.4 GHz and two 5 GHz networks. The dual and tri-band routers will help in the transmission of data and act at a much faster rate as well as at a higher frequency.

Smart routers

Routers are getting smarter by the day. With technology advancements, people ought to realize that routers technology also advances. With its growing popularity, designers have made it in such a way that it can prioritize bandwidths for some stuff like streaming, video games and also phone updates.Routers that have been created with the latest knowledge have been created in such a way that it can support the smart home IFTTT integration.

Wireless standard

There are standards in technology and that includes standards in wireless technology. 802.11a, 802.11c and many more show the standards in wireless network. Computers that have been in existence for the past few years’ use the 802.11n network and they are known to have the potential to connect up to 5 GHz. Different computers have different kind of standards.

Research routers

Narrow the search to a specific router type and do it in-depth. The research will help the person get an idea of what the router is all about.  After conducting the research then you will have knowledge of the kind of router you want to buy. Reviews too help in knowing the router to buy. Online sites will give you reviews of the routers that have been there, the new routers and their reviews too.

WPA2 encryption

This is the most recent encryption in the market. It has been deemed to be the most secure and the most recent version of routers. This will enable you to have secure browsing without unsolicited disruptions.


Buying a router with Gigabit Ethernet capabilities, prepare you for the future. This keeps you ahead of time. Additionally, it helps you know what to expect with the fiber technology.

Space the router needs to cover

How many devices will the router be supporting? Anyone that wants to get a router ought to know that. Every device that will be supported by the router needs to be noted down. This is quite essential since it will determine the kind of router that you will need to buy. The smaller the router the lesser devices it will support hence a low bandwidth operation. If the devices that will be supported need a high bandwidth operation then the router to be purchased will be big. Moreover, the internet that will be used for connectivity should also be considered before purchasing a router.

Moreover, durability should also be considered. The hardware device that supports the wireless network gets old with time but the network itself stays intact for a very long time. No matter how many times the network gets overstretched with devices, it never gets damaged or old. Routers durability matters a lot.

Routers main purpose is to provide connectivity to the people that want to use it. Routers are to make work easier for us all. If you do not have one, then it is advisable to get one. If the following considerations are not put in mind when going to purchase a router, then the chances of getting a faulty one is quite high. With a router in your house, you will forget the stress that comes with having to share it will a lot of people in an office.

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