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Go Out and Get VoIP

When new tech comes out, people often imagine unboxing them as if in a dream so much so that unboxing the latest computer, tablet, appliance or mobile phone has become an event in itself. Unfortunately, not all tech units are created equal. This inequality is apparent in many companies and is often executed on their products. This reality also extends to Voice over IP service providers.

voipSo how does one know they are not signing up to a bad service? What considerations does a potential customer have to think about while shopping around for a new VoIP subscription? After all, despite the low prices involved with these services, they will still make a considerable impact on the business institution that will make use of them and if found lacking, their company will be just as culpable as the service provider.

  1. Make sure that the network Internet signal is stable

ISPs and VoIP providers often pack a lot of promise and behind all those robust features they are waving in the faces of their potential subscribers may very well be a future road of headaches and crooked connectivity. In order to have a stable VoIP connection, the Internet network of the provider should likewise be unencumbered by connection overcrowding. It is hard enough to understand the other person on the other line when suddenly a round of static assaults the caller’s ears, throwing the dialogue down a spiral of jittery mess. Make sure that the VoIP provider does not remand their network connection over to a larger ISP and that they reserve a significant amount of bandwidth to keep their lines pristine.

  1. VoIP providers should make the office fly in the cloud, not clip its wings

So VoIP technology is often advertised with the word cloud€ which gives the impression of ease and convenience and a sense of free-floating interconnectedness. Unfortunately, some VoIP subscription plans water down the promise of sending their customers to the stratosphere and just bind them up like lame ducks with subscription plans that offer limited features. At the very least, customers must demand these features from the VoIP Providers:

A. The communication system must enables the user to be location agnostic and let her take her number and her phone anywhere the business demands her presence.

B. Binds multiple offices under one number.

C. The infrastructure of the VoIP system allows for the exchange of data and not just voice.

D. It should offer all the bells and whistles of the traditional business phone system like voice forwarding, caller ID, etc.

  1. Security, security, security

Does the VoIP provider scrimp on the safety of their service? Do they check on the quality of their service regularly? Do they provide all the necessities like anti-spyware, firewall solutions, and antiviruses that a savvy Internet user needs to use the net without worries?

  1. Choose a VoIP provider that will tailor its plans for the company

Since not all companies are the same, it is a given then that not all companies needs will be the same. VoIP providers should be able to give the customer enough leeway to modify subscription packages to work around the demands of creating an effective communication network for the company, small or large or mega-sized may it be.

Be conscious of the size of your company and choose the subscription plans that will work best based on the demands of your day to day operations. Mind the reputation of the VoIP provider from its present customers in order to solidify your choice. Take these following considerations into account and the service will indeed bring the cloud.

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  1. raj

    August 11, 2013 at 7:07 am

    Nice article christine, Only problem I see with VoIP is that it need a high speed stable internet connection which is highly unlikely in the countries like India & other Asian countries. These services are quite successful in the countries like USA, Canada & UK but need a lot of efforts to raise it in the sub-continent.

  2. Pramod

    August 11, 2013 at 4:37 pm

    Nice post !
    VOIP is the future and there’s no doubt that VOIP’s have several advantages over other traditional methodologies .


  3. Amelia

    August 13, 2013 at 2:14 pm

    Wow this is really a good article christine, it is so informative and helpful. I would like to add that you should choose VoIP provider very carefully. Especially, if you are using DSL, be aware that you may not be able to cancel your phone service. Most phone companies will offer a “metered service” that you will pay for per call. Since you’re going to be using VOIP, you will not be making many (if any) calls over your copper line, only running DSL over it. It’s really essential to look into metered service if you’re using DSL. After all, why would you want to pay for a standard line if you’re going to be paying for VOIP?

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