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Get More of Your VoIP through Big Data

Big data has become a fundamental ally for many companies. They find here the resources necessary to acquire an immense amount of information that they can use in their future projections and to understand their sector much better.

Big data has become a fundamental ally for many companies. They find here the resources necessary to acquire an immense amount of information that they can use in their future projections and to understand their sector much better. Being something relatively new, it does not stop growing, and finding interesting uses that can be given in different sectors. One of them is VoIP, or the voice over Internet protocol.

How to Implement Big Data

This is no more than a precise and global knowledge about certain situations. Of course, as long as the data received is well ordered. Putting these two technologies together offers us, first of all, a much broader vision of the calls that a business can receive from customers. Your location, close customers and others.

It is a way to create an information network that allows work to go faster and be better prepared. In addition, what it does is offer a series of key data about callers, of a socio-demographic type: age, occupation, educational level and others. So that predictive analysis is facilitated and more information is gathered: to whom to sell the product, who buys it who complains or where it fails.

The Best Professional for Each Call

A classic is that a customer calls to complain and has to jump from one department to another until finally find the operator that best suits their requirements. Continuing with the idea of ​​the previous paragraph, the data analysis allows us to perform a predictive work, so that we can anticipate the type of breakdown or problems a customer is going to present and speak directly with the personnel operator. the skills most adapted to that problem.

Instead of being able to connect only to landline or mobile numbers as is done in traditional telephony, with VoIP it is possible to make calls to computers, smartphones, tablets and other devices that are not for the sole purpose of voice communication. In addition, with VoIP it is also possible to rely on the image (Video Call), a feature of extreme importance to suggest greater proximity among users. But this feature depends on whether the carrier and the application you are using give support.

A Help for The Platform

Data control also helps to properly carry a platform and navigate it more efficiently. It offers an important support in the infrastructure and this also reverts in a better attention to the clients. With the possibility of integrating voice and big data into workstations, VoIP telephony makes the communication infrastructure convergent, sharing equipment and resources for different tasks. One of the great benefits of VoIP telephony is the applications and integration between voice and data.

Improve Collaboration

Information is security, because it says what is good and what is not. What things usually happen and what do not. A serious problem in many companies is that there is not enough information between departments. A flow of data that explains everything with simplicity is the best way to finally overcome these types of problems.

Greater Security

There may be malicious attacks or viruses that attack the VoIP system, and using big data helps to prevent them, as information would be gathered on different sectors and safe practices could be delineated, not creating spaces or actions that would work as a firewall for those dangers.

Emphasize the Importance

Many times, the information is there, exposed, but it is difficult to understand it correctly. In others, what happens is that there is an evident problem, but nobody is able to correlate it with its cause, so that it is not even perceived or understood. Having more sophisticated and massive data analysis is an excellent way to know firsthand what happens in a company and what is important. Accounting errors, problems, or too many calls that are repeated from a specific region.


They are endless options of plans, most of the times complicated to understand. And in the end, the basics, which is to make and receive calls sometimes does not work, either for lack of signal, for dropping calls or for various factors that we are all accustomed to.

The challenge of VoIP operators today and also in the future will be to simplify the whole process for companies that need the service, especially for the small business owner. Simplified plans, fast and efficient customer service, account control, high value-added services that help and are part of the day-to-day business of the entrepreneur, all at an incredibly affordable price. This scenario hardly a large carrier will be able to offer efficiently.

In conclusion, we consider that the use of big data extends every day, and it is interesting to encourage you to make a closer collaboration with VoIP systems to improve the functioning of these. It is an advance that not only directly affects the user’s satisfaction, but also the operation of the company.

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Kimbrely Stewart is a technical content write and currently working for IP telephone system dubai company PBX Systems. She loves to learn and share technical news and updates.

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